TRAVEL AGENCY needs Senior or ex management contractors.

To work alongside a mature fully accredited , solid Adelaide Travel Agency born in 1978..

Must be experienced.


Based  in ADL Eastern suburbs, AXIS TRAVERL CENTRE can contract  persons with CRS, Product knowledge skills and excellent PAX communication and contact skills who can self manage their retail selling lifestyle to be the best for discerning pax.


Contracted via our home based Travel Consultant roles,”“with a twist” via our AGENTLINKZ© contract.

With a twist” is that Axis Travel Centre includes the unique ability to use our professional Office bricks+mortar with your own in-house CRS, shared Desk, utilizing Office facilities ,human teamwork and full Industry access for Office appointments, rather than work from an impersonal café or home or other facility to meet pax or suppliers.

Under this contract Axis Travel Centre provides 


1.      Ability to set own times and use  an Office if you wish , whereas other remote home-based contractors tend not to have this advantage.


2.      Working under umbrella of an IATA, AFTA, ATAS, CLIA, and CRUISECO credentialed Office.


3.      Using high tech SABRE and SAM remote CRS facilities.


4.      Secure sales via own database and shared database of Agency and new Agency pax. 3 Levels of pax source, not 1.


5.      Own Office shared desk with CRS, all office facilities, onsite equipment and options to attend in-house training,


6.      Ability for Educationals and other Industry benefits to be applied for.


7.      Maintain solid interpersonal skills with professional staff backups with fulltime staff, suppliers and pax.


8.      Free onsite carparking and professional Office access.


PROVISOS: The AGENTLINKZ© contracted consultant must be experienced with some already established pax database with high self-motivation and willingness to work solo but also as a trusted Team player. Would suit a responsible, mature and savvy Travel Agency person who wants a balanced lifestyle, selling travel with expert advice and efficiency in your  preferred work-time agenda, delivering exceptional product knowledge, services and travel expertise.


Preferences given to applicants with at least 5 years experience. Overseas applications will not be considered.

ü  Immediate start Available for successful applicants.


Strict confidentiality applies to all applications. CV and summation of geographical areas travelled with experiences in past 5 years + required.


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