Exclusive advantages that Axis Travel Centre offers you:

"When professional advice and quality service matter most"


The time you invest to read this will enlighten you to the differences that we have made for our clients since 1978 and what you must be aware of before investing in Travel.

We specialize in quality travel , focussing on Titanium, Centurion, Platinum, Gold and VIP clients wanting delivery of expert advice and professionalism that is becoming rare in the profession of travel management services.

Our Agency could not surive as we have , expanding our services since 1978 without dedicated services and delivery of competitive travel related services and backup plans. This is what sets Axis Travel Centre apart from other Agencies.

Luxury travel with dedicated travel concierge serices, professional travel planning itineraries, creating travel options, quoting travel airfares, cruises, securing hotel accommodation, checking government visa regulations, travel health requirements, International custom and immigration facts, offering the best value and relevant Travel Insurances with tours and travel options to suit your budget, your desires, your business plans and your time scales are only part of what we do. We have a passion to advise on travel and deliver travel options to you. That is what we do.

We act as travel agents for our clients and have no vested interest in any one airline, supplier or travel operator. This impartial, unbiased advice has saved clients many thousands of dollars as well as increasing travel choices and options. We work for our clients-not the Airlines or other suppliers. Think about this when next you consider their marketing strategies out there!  Airlines offer you ZERO protection if they default but if you book through AxisTravel Centre pty Ltd we are full participants of the TCF Travel Compensation Fund and are required by law to protect your funds. Remember Ansett, Pan Am, TWA, Compass 1 and 2 and 260++ other airlines since 1978 !!! Many consumers and people in the Media do not know this or are oblivious to this important factor.

Advantage 2 - FREQUENT FLYER MANAGEMENT: "Redeem2Go" services.
We are one of only a selected few licensed travel agents that can manage and advise you of how best to acquire, redeem and issue Frequent Flyer tickets. We have our own registered and TradeMarked (tm) Frequent Flyer department that "deconfuses the confusion" called Redeem2go©. Our daily expertise and continuous product knowledge of air flight permutations, routes, cross-pollination of Alliance partner deals promoted Internationally but not within Australia gives us a distinct edge in delivering a high success rate in redeemed Frequent Flyer Travel bookings. Our staff are privy to Airline redemption codes, yield management peaks/troughs, where and when to redeem and transfer points from a Card base to an Airline/Hotel scheme plus when bonus and reduced point deals apply. Many such deals are not marketed well but we are privy to. Our expertise and daily vigilance has created the reputation that we have Australia-wide as "experts" in this field. Nominal service fees apply.

Advantage 3 - CLOSED USER GROUP [C.U.G.] Websites and Online security.

AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE Pty Ltd have specific and unique computer software languages, Passwords and codes that allow us privy access to websites for Airlines, Cruises, Hotels, resorts, Tours, transfers, International Government departments (Visa+Health+Emergencies+ Customs etc] and other travel related entities that are not accessible or allowed to be accessed by consumers or in many cases other Travel Agents and especially Airlines and suppliers. We have built these connections and continue with ongoing Software language and computer software staff training shortcuts annually. In doing so we do not expose our Company or your travel bookings or monies to third party websites that may totally ruin or cause fraud against you or us. We are all capable of using the Internet but our access to CUG sites is priceless and well guarded. Use our services and you will benefit from our integrity, experience, maturity and expertise developed since 1978.

It is nearly impossible to challenge a fake booking, wrong booking, mis-use of your Credit card data, mis-use of your passport or home address data or extra charges placed against you if you do your own bookings online or via a non-accredited, non-Australian licensed Agency or supplier. International  laws come into play and "play with you and your money" is what they will do ; and if you have the time and money to engage a Lawyer , versed in International law, their fees can commence from $2,500AUD -which is usually far more than what your travel claims may be anyway. You have been warned!  Axis Travel centre has hundreds of examples of this being factual, even with misuse of your card or personal data thrown against  you 6 to 12 months after the event!

Axis Travel Centre is one of only a few selected Travel Agencies inside Australia who are privy to special buying power, exclusive bonus offers, rates and sailings from over 80% of the leading World Cruise lines. We extend to our clients the most amazing Package deals and cabin upgrades/costs. Contact us for our exclusive (many not advertised) deals. EXCLUSIVELY we have now secured this deal with QANTAS Frequent Flyer. In and industry first, you can get 1 QF Freq Flyer point for every $1.50 you spend when you buy a Cruise from exclusive "CRUISECO" through us. This FREE QF point system applies to the entire Cruise cost and any Air cost that is associated with that Cruise you book. Does not apply to paid taxes and port charges. Now the best news is also that YOU NEED NOT FLY QANTAS to get these points ! Look under our "CRUISECO" link on this site or contact our staff to see what is available and secure your Cruise and QF points ! The majority of the worlds' Cruises can be booked by you to gain these QF Freq Flyer points. DOUBLE YOUR POINTS: By booking your next cruise this way and also using a linked Credit or Charge card that you may have. You get QF Freq Flyer points by using your purchasing card as well as this amazing CRUISECO offer. UP TO TRIPLE POINTS: Can be collected if you also get AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE to book you First class Travel to connect with your Cruise.

Advantage 5 - ONLINE TRAVEL INSURANCE -issued by yourself  or we can do it personally for you!
As an added free service, you can issue your own Travel Insurance ONLINE. Go to either the "Travelscene-Amex" or "QBE" or "TRAVELSCENE" Insurance section and complete your data online. DO NOT LEAVE HOME without a good policy. QBE Travel Insurance now extends to you an ONLINE Discount plus allows you to gain QANTAS Frequent Flyer points when you have a QBE Travel Insurance policy paid for by your Qantas linked Credit/Charge card.

Advantage 6- FREE DVD / CD-ROM / VIDEO LIBRARY: Just ask us, collect your copy of the many Destinations, Tour companies and Cruise Line copies we have in stock , view them, get excited and return to us. A free service for our valued clients.

We are full members of ICCA International Cruise Council of Australasia, Members of CRUISECO, Australian Federation of Travel Agents, International Air Transport Association, World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA), affiliates of American Society of Travel Agents, with all staff qualified each year as registered AFTA certified Travel Consultants and staff members of the Australian Institute of Travel and Tourism. Your guarantee of the highest levels of accreditations, knowledge and professionalism.

Advantage 8- FREEPOST:
Sending mail to AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE Pty Ltd is so easy. Using FREEPOST within Australia, you need only write " AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE, Reply paid 84110, Fullarton, South Australia, 5063, and mail is sent to us - Free.

We offer our exclusive and free SABRE AGENCY MANAGER (SAM) REPORTING that has a myriad of reports that we generate for our Corporate Accounts. AIRFARE + HOTEL BENCHMARKING: A reality check of the exact airfare you have paid benchmarked against the best advertised fare against the exact fare available at time of booking. We print statistics and place an "Executive Summary" report with hints, suggestions and ideas of how you have performed with our advice on how best your traveling staff can reduce costs and/or improve expenditure patterns. DESTINATION or CLASS or CARRIER comparisons: that we graph and supply to allow you to determine the pattern that your Company is utilizing. DEPARTMENT and STAFF monitoring: Statistics of how your Departments are booking travel, via what Booking clerk and via what Travel Consultant @ Axis Travel. There are many other configurations that we deliver our clients that we massage to suit your requirements.

Our physical office is open 0830 until 1700 hrs MON to FRI with the ability for clients to establish an Appointment if wishing to see staff on Saturdays or any other time for staff, with an Appointment policy with Max Najar or "PRIORITY PORTFOLIO" bookings.. This Internet Office site is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Do not forget that our WEBSITE offers you 24x7 self booking and self ticketing of Australian and International flights, Australian and International Hotel and car hire bookings, instant Travel Insurance policies issued on-the-spot, instant Foreign Exchange purchases and International Cruise and Airfare quotes.

Regular clients already have 24x7 access to our Senior staff and Management, but we also monitor email and phone calls each 24 hour period for Emergency attendance .
You can use our 24 x 7 WEBSITE to book Australian Domestic flights, Australian and International Hotels and Carhire, have Travel Insurance issued and have Foreign Exchange cash and Travellers cheques issued-normally 24x7-during Holidays .We have a solid reputation since 1978 in acting efficiently and effectively in all bona-fide travel emergencies. Service fees apply. AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE has won numerous International Awards in delivering such services to our clients. Your emergency is usually motre important than anything else.

Advantage 12 - BRIDAL and GIFT REGISTRY:
We offer and will setup free a complete Registry for that special Honeymoon or Gift occasion. We print (free) a bulk supply of special personalized Cards that have individual designs and presentations , linked to a database that allows you to forward an these Cards to your guests / family / friends to pay monies or purchase Travel components towards your nominated Honeymoon Holiday or Gift of Travel. Speak to us about this simple and easy way to have us arrange your perfect Holiday or Incentive Travel plan , with the ability for your nominated or invited guests to assist in the payment of your chosenTravel. Very personalised-very unique and very memorable.

Axis Travel has full wheelchair facilities designed into and out of our Adelaide Office. We also deliver personalised attention to our Mature aged clients who (many) have been booking travel with us since 1978. Additionally, we welcome you to contact us if you have a Group of happy travellers who may wish to organise a Group anywhere. .


We extend a Toll Free telephone number for all callers outside Adelaide Metropolitan area on 1800 686 539.

We recommend and stock for you to purchase a complete range of "Lonely Planet" books, amongst others we source worldwide. In fact we organize the Travel for many journalists who write for the Lonely Planet writers. Minimum orders of 3 publications are delivered free to most regions of the world. We issue Foreign Currencies in travelers Cheques and foreign cash for you. Usually without notice-on the spot.

AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE Pty Ltd has won various Industry Awards for our ideas and initiatives in Marketing. Ask us what the current promotions may be when booking your Travel or chat with us soon about a local Promotion or idea that you may have for a Group Tour, Promotion or valid Marketing exercise.

Advantage 17 - SIGNATURE ON FILE:
We accept all bona fide Credit/Charge Cards on a "Signature on File" facility that allows any facet of travel to be charged for you or nominated travelers plus we extend applicable reduced corporate rates and upgrades when available. Download a "S.O.F." form via our "Forms/Useful links" section on this site LHS.We liaise as to the best Frequent Flyer linkages and payment terms to assist our clients. We do not offer or extend any Credit accounts or 7-14-30-60 day Invoicing of any services or products sold/delivered by our Company or staff. Cleared funds via a Card or direct monetary crediting of our Bank Account is required.

Intellectual property and Product knowledge sets many Travel Agents apart. Our in-house "Educational Reports" are written, photographed or burned into a CD by staff attending visitations to Resorts, Hotels, Airlines etc within Australia and Worldwide. They are not biased but are an honest appraisal and opinion of traveling Staff. Each folder is available to clients booking Travel with AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE to view when you enter our office. Additionally we also have IP REPORTS -that remain within our heads and are accessed only via human thought, speech and verbal imagery only.

Advantage 20 - AXIS BLUE BOX
Located on the front Left-side side of our building, this secured Mailbox has been installed to assist our clients in placing any Travel monies, documents and  letters or your mail after-hours. Another free service.