Referred to as “PPT”- Powered by Axis Travel Centre, accreditations and security.

Within  Axis Travel Centre , there is a separate travel clientele portfolio of travelers that is catered for by industry veteran Max Najar.

MAX NAJAR has a trademarked and registered company called “Priority Portfolio Travel Pty Ltd”™©  that works under the umbrella of AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE to deliver an absolute premium travel service to discerning travellers who expect the very best in quality advice, services, expertise and .
Clients are attended to under this  exclusive travel portfolio ,  by INVITATION ONLY.

Acceptance to be part of the “PRIORITY PORTFOLIO TRAVEL” client list is not based on the value or the travel classes required nor the destination  nor the reputation of the client.
Acceptance as a PPT client is based on Max Najar accepting your travel booking request after consideration is given for what is requested with emphasis on his available time and ability to extend this time to deliver the highest level of professional services without compromising the standards expected from the PPT team. The clientele base is restricted in numbers.

PPT is not about quantity – it is about quality. A mutual respect of time and the sharing of PPT intellectual property is essential to ensure the longevity of maintaining the values of “PRIORITY PORTFOLIO TRAVEL”™ © delivery of services.

The distinct ADVANTAGES in being a valued “PRIORITY PORTFOLIO TRAVEL” ™ © [PPT] client:

  • PPT clients should expect and will receive :• PPT clients will receive FREE “SECURITY UMBRELLA”© protection package to protect you against Airline, Cruise line, Tour Company, Supplier or Agency financial collapse.

    • Human to human conversations with non-technological benefits of  empathy , listening, advising and delivery of trusted and reliable quality travel arrangements.

    • Mature travel industry expertise delivered without bias.

    • Personalized and meticulous attention to detail, in all aspects of travel.

    • Reduced loss of time and stress levels  as PPT will attend to travel arrangements in an efficient and effective manner utilizing expertise and experience , accumulated since 1978.

    • PPT will share internal and privy but relevant updated product knowledge with you.

    • Discreet but strict control of  your private and confidential matters, whilst adhering to strict Australian and International Privacy laws including the new internationally required IATA PCI standards.

    • A shared mutual respect for the priceless life commodity of “time” between all parties.

    • “Deconfusing the Confusion”™ as  PPT will summarize the volume’s of  complex travel conditions and regulations into palatable portions that most humans , who do not have an advanced degree in legal jargon or skills in English language ambiguities, cannot understand.

    • The sharing of privy Industry Educational reports and travel component inspection data.

    • PPT to advise, book and attend to your Frequent flyer requests , utilizing a skillset that includes multiple airline route, class and carrier permutations , plus advise you of any relevant Airline bonuses, reward incentives or frequent flyer upgrades that may be available .

    • The sharing of relevant published Media reports, radio excerpts, some authored by Max Najar, and others via respected sources.

    • PPT will assist with relevant Travel Insurance advice, including pre-Existing matters , with a choice of policies offered so you can make and informed choice to afford you the best level of protections, usually with a nil excess payable, issued by PPT.

  • • PPT to deliver or refer you to relevant Australian and International Government and Security travel departments to be updated and register or receive their advice and warnings, not just those issued by our Government departments.

    • PPT , when requested, will use their wealth of contacts to advise, construct and deliver creative and in many cases “unique” ideas for celebrations or surprises.

    • PPT  can coordinate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation family travel plans to deliver very personal and thankful travel arrangements .

    • PPT to extend to you access to a dedicated and personal  24 x 7 human, via a private phone/text and email contact.

    PLEASE NOTE that PPT does not market or advertise to secure clients for this unique personalized premium service as all clients in this portfolio are derived via INVITATIION ONLY from past clients (since 1978) and AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE client referrals .

  • EACH BOOKING REQUESTED will incur a nominal BOOKING FEE  of $55 per person for Domestic travel / $110 per person for International Travel with a PRIORITY RECOGNIZED ENGAGEMENT FEE © [ “PREF”] of 1.40% in 2018 on total cost of travel costs requested.
    This PRIORITY RECOGNIZED ENGAGEMENT FEE © [ “PREF”] is set at a level of 1.40% in year 2018
    This fee is increased each year by only .1% to reflect each year of his travel involvement.
    The PREF  for 2018 is 1.40% , as the figure .40 represents 40 continuous years of Travel Agency expertise and experience [since 1978], with year 2018 being 40 years. The year 2019 will have a PREF of 1.41% and so on.
  • Important logical consideration about PREF.
    Apart from the unique quality services listed that each “PRIORITY PORTFOLIO TRAVEL” ™ © client will receive it is important to also consider these benefits that are extended to PPT  clients in the overall travel equation :
    EXPECT TO RECEIVE wherever possible, at discretion of PPT expect :
    AIR TRAVEL : Expect  PPT advice on a multitude (if so asked) of flight and fare options , with what benefits can be extracted from fare levels payable, , advantages and disadvantages of carriers used, best Alliance partners to use, , upgradable sectors, seat allocations, securing extra frequent flyer points/miles, ensuring TTL and MCT regulations are adhered, selecting best quality aircraft types per sector with correct connecting terminals, free layover facilities, free transfers . lounge facilities or upgrade chances.
    CRUISES: Expect specific details on cruise destinations, time aboard and ashore suit your preferences, ensure the cruise passengers suit your preferences, sourcing and extending Cruise booking upgrades, resourcing the best on-board $credits and/or pre or post Cruise hotel stays and/or better located cabins, unobstructed cabin views, positioning into the newly refurbished cabins, and/or free land tours and/or extra cruise amenities.
     TOURS: Expect advice on the integrity of the Tours, plus ensuring your preferred language applies to tours booked, saving local taxes when booking certain tours in advance, having Emergency phone numbers in case of need, offering upgraded Tour inclusions and/or land transfers via Limo and collection/drop off points.
    HOTELS: Expect  definitely not focusing only on price , but hidden charges that may apply, resort fees payable, any considerations of  exchange rates, exclusions and inclusions, exact room furnishings, size, positioning within hotel, nearby what facilities, confirmed (not blog site) reports from recent client of staff reports, management style, extra hotel services, bathroom facilities for shaving and makeup, wardrobe spaces, TV and/or Internet accessibility, Fitness centre quality, pillow and towel selections notable room cleanliness levels , expected nationality of Hotel clientele, positioning of Hotel within a locale, securing old or new wing rooms, securing best value-for-money costs, delivering suitable Hotel choices and/or room upgrades and.//or refurbished room locations and/or extra meals and/or free Wi FI and/or Executive floor access and/or extra room inclusions
    VEHICLE RENTALS: Expect which company passes the PPT test (expect separate advice here as Max Najar was on the AVIS CAR travel Agents Advisory board for over 20 years) the Depot availability in hours , services and locations, afterhours Emergency services, some, hidden costs revealed,, Provide free upgrades and/or reduced drop-off fees and/or inclusions (GPS/2nd Driver)
    VIP TRAVEL: Expect  PPT to extend exclusive VIP Travel inclusions and/or extra benefits negotiated via privy contacts for PPT clients who should receive special considerations ,  services and advantages.
    UN-ADVERTISED DEALS : Expect PPT to offer travel deals that are not advertised in your city but sourced worldwide , most being value-added,  unique and exclusive considerations managed by PPT.
    PREMIUM CARDS: Expect to receive research and relevant Premium card member travel and lifestyle deals but only after PPT research whether feasible or just a marketing ploy.
  • ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————


In a travel industry first, with a series of short 30min to 60 min physical courses will soon be offered to teach travellers how to protect themselves whilst travelling and be aware and alert of situations worldwide.
PPT clients will have available discounted rates, with courses delivered under the direct teaching of Max Najar, who has had over 36 continuous years as an exponent of Wing Chun Kung Fu (Life Member) and Krav Maga amongst other styles.
Both verbal and physical aspects of dealing with situations will be explained and delivered.
Courses will be for both males and females aged from 10 years to 110 years of age with zero fitness and strength levels required but some form of physical movement will be expected. We expect to introduce these courses which can be conducted @ Axis Travel Centre offices or another approved location in early 2019.
Scenarios such as walking streets, shopping, Airport areas, within confined areas, at an ATM machine, boarding and exiting trains, renting car protocols, talking, misuse of mobile phones, to strangers and other situations will be part of the course(s) with ability to attend as many courses as you wish or attend higher level of tactical courses.
These will NOT be large group courses BUT limited to a maximum of 8 person’s per courses unless specifically agreed to by Max Najar if a Group is required to be trained.

Some quotes from Key Note speeches by Max Najar: :

New York, USA.
“……. Price is long forgotten if one receives quality travel services, unbiased options and correct advice before, during and after travel is undertaken plus having a human to assist you effectively and efficiently in emergency situations “

Auckland, New Zealand.
“The two critically important components of time and memories can never be credited back to you, bought, traded or replaced, no matter how rich you are or how powerful you think you are. Respect these at all times”

Sydney, Australia:
“………..You can have a huge array of cars and boats and CD’s and TVs and clothes and shoes and a fridge full of lobster and wines but when you are dying, if you get time to think about it that is, you must remember that unfortunately you cannot take any of these things with you nor can they all be cremated with you!. You can only take mental thoughts and memories as physical things are totally irrelevant and even a smell, a touch or a memorable sound you heard cannot be revisited. Only your memories may remain intact, so invest wisely in quality travel experiences and visit places , eat different foods,  chat with people , invest in things that you can afford at that specific time in life  and store in your brain those rich memories until your brain ceases to function. I know it sounds cold and basic, but that is exactly the cold, hard facts of life.  With my dealings with all levels of humans, matterialistic wealth and egos are useless items when you have limited time left. Enjoy travel and spend what you can afford as you cannot take anything materialistic with you- just intangible memories. Remember that nobody really knows what’s on the other side………..”

*.Conditions and fees of Airlines, Suppliers, Governments, Axis Travel Centre and ”Priority Portfolio Travel” apply at all times.