Referred to as “PPT”- Powered by Axis Travel Centre, accreditation’s and security.

Within  Axis Travel Centre , there is a separate travel clientele portfolio of travelers that is catered for by industry veteran Max Najar.

MAX NAJAR has a trademarked and registered company called “Priority Portfolio Travel Pty Ltd”™©  -known as PPT, that owns the business name Axis Travel Centre,

The mantra of PPT is  ”  Delivering personalized travel solutions to humans who expect and appreciate the highest level of professional  travel advice , created from over 45 years experience,with the security of professional accreditation’s, financial security and personal credentials that exceed travel industry standards  This expertise is merged  with a skill set of  intense product knowledge ,industry contacts and computer reservations expertise , delivered with a personal human touch”

PLEASE NOTE that PPT does not market or advertise to secure clients. Max Najar accepts clients within this exclusive PPT portfolio  by INVITATION ONLY.

Priority Portfolio Travel ”™©  ACCEPTANCE:
Acceptance to be part of the “PRIORITY PORTFOLIO TRAVEL” client list is not based on the value or the travel classes/standards  required nor the destination  nor the reputation of the client.
Acceptance as a PPT client is based on Max Najar accepting your travel booking request after consideration is given for what is requested with emphasis on his available time at the time of your request  and  his ability to  allow quality, dedicated time to deliver the highest level of professional services without compromising the standards expected from himself or his supporting PPT team.The clientele base is restricted in numbers.

PPT is not about quantity – it is about quality. A mutual respect of time and the sharing of his PPT intellectual property is essential to ensure the longevity of maintaining the values of “PRIORITY PORTFOLIO TRAVEL”™ © .

AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE, was established in July 1978   We maintain a very proud tradition of honesty, integrity and longevity maintaining professional Agency accreditations that are above the standard Travel Industry requirements complemented with Travel and Business Awards bestowed to our company and our advisors.

No internet, no website and no Phone booking service can compete or match the totality of expertise, security, travel choices, explanation of conditions, human services and mature advice that we deliver. The business motto of AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE When professional advice and quality service matter most” ©

 This is a deliberately long document as we prefer to clearly explain, without industry jargon, the applicable conditions, and fees so all can make an informed choice.


  • We will not offer travel options if they compromise our professional services and advice which may not suit our business model or expose us to be legally liable and accountable. We have a vested interest to keep clients updated and informed, but we will not be swayed by misleading marketing campaigns, various “lowest price” deals or heavy advertising campaigns who tend to steer away from providing appropriate service levels or usually omit the “fine print”.
  • Validation of what we have achieved since 1978 via our peers and external business associations CLICK HERE.
  • We respect and focus on preserving the intangible qualities of time, civility and the personal human touchthat remain solid elements that no computer, no anonymous toll-free phone number, anonymous website or inexperienced person can ever emulate.
  • To protect clients we adhere to and abide by ATIA (Previously AFTA),ACL, ACCC, ASIC, DFAT, AUSTRAC, IATA regulations and strict protocols.

 is reserved for clients who engage the professional services of Max Najar-by INVITATION ONLY.


Managed by veteran Travel director/manager, Max Najar ,a private and restricted portfolio of clients are serviced


Max Najar is a past member of the American Express Travel Network for over 30 years and a global winner of multiple American Express International Travel Agency and Management awards . His passion is endorsed by using expertise gathered since 1978 to focus on  VIP clientele in addition to current Titanium, Centurion, Platinum and other premium clientele, delivering mature expert advice, experience, confidentiality and a wealth of IP to clients who expect the highest level of dedicated meticulous expert advice and professionalism.

Max continues to be referenced for advice, opinions and travel support via his worldwide travel industry articles and consumer Radio Stations and Print media references including Radio 5AA, ABC radio, Radio 1323, Radio 2GB , BBC radio, multiple print newspaper articles and regular Key Note speaker addresses.


Current clients of Max Najar remain thus. New referrals wishing to join his portfolio can be considered via a personal invitation, via a senior AXIS advisor(s)s’ referral via or via a current PPT client. Acceptance is at his sole discretion as his time and ability to provide promised attention to detail and services are limited, so a balanced approach is applied to ensure he does not compromise his services.

  • When engaging his services, each PPT client within the PPT database is required to pay a PCF of $330 PP prior to engaging the professional services of Max Najar. This fee is paid in addition to any travel, or other related costs are levied, remaining non-refundable. Ï
  • Max Najar is contactable to PPT clients 24 x 7 to assist and advise in cases of emergencies or afterhours needs, with FEES applicable where noted.
  • To engage “Emergency and/or After Hours” services of Max Najar, his Fee is FREE if he or his accredited advisors are in any way at fault, otherwise a fee of $550 per trip/file (not PP) P/P per hour or any part thereof is levied-payable in advance.

This service is only available to a limited number of valued clients within the PPT portfolio of clients as Max Najar maintains strict quality control in providing this service .

The benefits and distinct advantages are:

Exceptional personalized and private travel advising, planning, booking and extended communications with Max .

  • Extended Business hours to communicate with Max directly utilizing this service from 0800 am to 5.00 pm MON-FRI instead of 1000am to 1600hrs for AXIS and other PPT clients.
  • Access priority communications, advice, support + bookings for “RETAINER FEE” clients via Max with backup of senior AXIS advisors.
  • Receive a 25% discount reduction for all FEES listed in the current AXIS, Supplier and/or Government Conditions and Fees*schedule.
  • Enjoy privy Travel Industry Press releases and other communications, usually not accessible by other consumers, based on a client(s) interest.
  • Attend special events or occasions, usually with zero costs, based on noted client(s) interests.
  • Ability to communicate on Weekends and Public Holidays for important/emergency/exceptional circumstances directly with Max, as per AXIS,


  • LEVEL ONE : Applicable RETAINER FEE : Per Person: $500 AUD per month.
  • LEVEL TWO :Applicable RETAINER FEE : Per Duo                     $1,000 AUD per month.
  • LEVEL THREE :Applicable RETAINER FEE : Per Family of 4 persons $1500 AUD per month.
  • LEVEL FOUR :Applicable RETAINER FEE : Larger families/travelling companions : Negotiable.


  • PAYMENT: Via Signature On File” (S.O.F.) or credit into AXIS account will be applicable to maintain services.
  • The nominated RETAINER LEVEL is always payable 2 months in advance.
  • CANCELLATION: Cancellation from either party can be activated with written confirmation, but a minimum of 7 days notification required to finalize travel details and accounts. A 50% refund of the nominated fee level is repaid (being one month) if requested by either party to do so on understanding that no Travel advice, bookings or outstanding services or monies are outstanding or required in that cancellation
  • Past RETAINER Client(s) can return to standard PPT or AXIS services/conditions and fees if so requested.
  • No contracts required to be paid, noting that RETAINER LEVELS may be tax deductible as a “subscription”.
  • Relevant AXIS, Supplier and/or Government Conditions and Fees apply whilst this agreement is in place but discounted @25% less*.
  • International valued clients exchange rates will apply to be equivalent to AUD $ amounts.

RESPECTING TIME:Many suppliers waste a client’s time via “on-hold” phone calls or use unclear overseas-Call-Centre’s or demands personal data. This disrespects a client’s time and privacy as “Time “is a priceless component of life. It cannot be reversed, bought, credited or traded, no matter how much money or assets one has “© MN1999                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .

 Some quotes from Key Note speeches by Max Najar: :

New York, USA.
“……. Price is long forgotten if one receives quality travel services, unbiased options and correct advice before, during and after travel is undertaken plus having a human to assist you effectively and efficiently in emergency situations “

Auckland, New Zealand.
“The two critically important components of time and memories can never be credited back to you, bought, traded or replaced, no matter how rich you are or how powerful you think you are. Respect these at all times”

Sydney, Australia:
“………..You can have a huge array of cars and boats and CD’s and TVs and clothes and shoes and a fridge full of lobster and wines but when you are dying, if you get time to think about it that is, you must remember that unfortunately you cannot take any of these things with you nor can they all be cremated with you!. You can only take mental thoughts and memories as physical things are totally irrelevant and even a smell, a touch or a memorable sound you heard cannot be revisited. Only your memories may remain intact, so invest wisely in quality travel experiences and visit places , eat different foods,  chat with people , invest in things that you can afford at that specific time in life  and store in your brain those rich memories until your brain ceases to function. I know it sounds cold and basic, but that is exactly the cold, hard facts of life.  With my dealings with all levels of humans, materialistic wealth and egos are useless items when you have limited time left. Enjoy travel and spend what you can afford as you cannot take anything materialistic with you- just intangible memories. Remember that nobody really knows what’s on the other side………..”

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