• This service usually applies outside of South Australian Office Hours {MON-FRI 0900am-4pm]or on any Australian Public Holidays but can apply at any time
  • With use our extensive experience and expertise with worldwide contacts to assist our valued clients and proceed with this service.

 This “AID” service -EMERGENCY TRAVEL SERVICES / AFTER HOURS ASSISTANCE usually takes considerable time to organise results. We list here 15 considerations that tend to form part of the importance in us delivering this service to our valued clients.

  1. Using mature logic and industry expertise.
  2. Adopting lateral thinking processes,
  3. Using patience and personal expertise.
  4. Interrupting personal sleep patterns of our advisor(s) and possibly that of our required contacts,
  5. Extracting oneself from social gatherings-a funeral, wedding, social gathering or whatever.
  6. Adopting Afterhours communications with multiple contacts,
  7. Physically needing to access a physical CRS (Computer Reservations Systems) that may not be physically reachable at any given time,
  8. Needing to access in-house Agency and other suppliers’ data programs,
  9. Reading and interpreting already forwarded E- Tickets regulations
  10. Reading and interpreting already issued vouchers, Itineraries or our issued for client(s) Travel insurance PDS.
  11. Reviewing past discussions made via various communication platforms,
  12. Delaying appointments or rebooking current clients travel bookings to accommodate this “AID” service.
  13. Asking for favours from our trusted and respected travel industry contacts.
  14. Investing time and energy to re-schedule, rebook, re-issue, amend, update and/or forward the new travel components and data to clients and suppliers.
  15. Following up on what has been activated to ensure travel or changes as requested have been or are being followed and delivered.

APPLYING “AID” FEES/COSTS IF “AID” service is requested and it is a client(s) voluntary request or error, that requires major changes, or if it is a Suppliers or Government change/decree/mistake/error or any other unforeseen Emergency situation, Evacuation or other request, this “AID” service FEE/COST will be levied.

At all times we hold sole discretion on what does or does not require fees/costs to be paid.

  • AXIS travel advisor(s)”AID” Fee is $330 per trip/file (not PP) per hour-or any part thereof to engage our “AID” – EMERGENCY/AFTER-HOURS SERVICES
  • “AID “Fee levied by Max Najar is $550 per trip/file (not PP) P/P per hour or any part thereof to engage our “AID” -EMERGENCY/AFTER-HOURS SERVICES


Any instigation to engage our “AID” – EMERGENCY/AFTER-HOURS SERVICES asked of us via any mode of communication will require an immediate payment to our advisors of a minimum of **1 hour, plus any additional costs required by us to satisfy any Airline, Supplier or Government entity costs and fees noted on our standard Fee schedule. Since 1978 we have used this service facility for Evacuations, Medical help, Warzone escapes, Humanitarian assistance, Repatriations etc.

  • This “AID” Service may be happening “live” with dynamic ongoing requests for assistance, replies and other services unfolding over a fast paced time period hence we may require extra monies to be paid otherwise the finalization of this “AID” service and other linked entities may stop and whatever outcome was envisaged will be lost/forfeited.. We will keep all parties informed in all aspects of what is taking place but we recommend the adoption of our standard “Signature On File” (S.O.F.) facility which allows us to debit valid bonafide Credit/Charge card(s) as an  effective and efficient method of backup payments. This is especially critical if our “AID” service is enacted, whereas Bank Transfers may be slow and ineffective. There are no refunds made on any monies paid to either us or any other linked entity requiring payments, hence our “AID” service is only enacted when specifically required.
  • Unlike many other professions, who “surprise” a client with costs applicable after an event has taken place, we will provide ongoing estimation of costs as PCF and other costs are known (usually) as the “AID” service is active and live. Fees are non-refundable but may be tax deductible and in some cases Travel Insurance may cover such costs as per the Insurers PDS (Policy Disclosure Statement) states which is to be researched and noted by the affected persons.

Most quality Travel Insurers will cover costs applied, hence a quality Policy is strongly recommended

IF “AID” service is requested but we determine that our Agency or our registered travel advisors have made an error or if a problem emanates directly from AXIS we will levy zero “AID” fees . We always believe in honest and fair business ethics.


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