Airline, Cruise, Tour, Transfer, Rental vehicle, Agency and all other suppliers have conditions printed in brochures, flyers, websites or via their texting.

PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT any data or monies to any entity unless you are satisfied with their existence and/or conditions-fees noted.

If in doubt , contact us. e DO NOT do business with every travel entity, nor do we want to.

We deal with those who we have used for over 40 years and/or are accredited using or contacts so we can attest to that they are worthy of doing business with.

  • Life is never perfect, but we do all the checks and balances we are privy to, so we can ensure that we protect not only your $$ money but also your critical personal data.

Conditions and fees can be amended by any party WITHOUT NOTICE , so it is important to know these before you commit on  your behalf or those you are booking on behalf of. Axis Travel Centre provides our clients with Confirmation letters or emails with notations on Invoices and Receipts and Itineraries that may seem lengthy BUT they are an indication of conditions and fees payable and required to contract services .

It is NOT the cheapest price that should determine your travel investment but the best-value deals , linked to their relevant conditions and other options explained BEFORE you make a commitment with the ability to trust who you are dealing with based on their knowledge, expertise, accreditations, credentials and financial security.

Identity theft  and/or the loss of your personal data and card /passport details is even more important than monies paid as they can affect your lifestyle and privacy and security forever.

Axis Travel Centre  was born in 1978 and we would rather lose a client to an Airline , website rogue or Supplier etc than be deceitful or dishonest or have to compromise our services and quality just to secure a client.