A HA!    TOO MANY TO PUBLISH! and most are un-advertised!
THE BAD  NEWS -UPDATED: The COVID19 VIRUS has closed many wonderful Hotels and Resorts, with excellent staff also lost. This is not a great omen BUT there are also many that are NOT ADVERTISED or common that we know of who are family owned or via generations of owners who have and will survive. WE are maintaining contact with them and will be here to advise and secure rooms for you. In all cases, we will be diligent and confer with you the pro and cons of each, as some are closing rooms and facilities whilst others have spent time and monies refreshing rooms and facilities!!! it is a two-edged sword!

Axis Travel Centre has hundreds of Hotels and Resorts that are rare, unique and not mainstream. In fact many of these prefer not to have a website presence or if they do, they do not list or promote specific rooms, suites or bures as these are kept silent for specific clientele. After over 42 years experience, visitations and establishing contacts within Australia and Worldwide, our senior staff can advise and assist you.

To guide our advice and establish a booking for you, we need to know if you are  a regular Corporate account Hotel/Resort  visitor with or without a Hotel club card, with consideration if we can apply our pre-negotiated Corporate rates – which may include value added items that normally are not included – , or if we can place you onto our IP (Instant Purchase) or AP (Advance Purchase) rates with heavy conditions.  or if we have been offered ” unsold inventory deals”  then it can be quite complex and hence we prefer to be transparent and advise and secure the best Hotel or Resort deal based on what we know and what we can deliver.

An idea of how some Hotels do not display or advertise their best rooms and secrets can be read if you CLICK HERE.

We cannot afford to waste money on Marketing. An example of how marketing can mislead you ! CLICK HERE. 

In fact some Hotel chains are also advising clients of rates that ONLY some Agents can secure-as we do. CLICK HERE.

From 2022 The worlds most expensive Hotels are….. CLICK HERE 

Please go to  ALL HOTELS  (with over 1.2 million choices) or the popular BOOKING.COM  and see what is on offer this very minute and secure them via these links** (many as advertised) or  CONTACT US  and we will assist you.

** PLEASE NOTE AND BE AWARE that to protect your travel investments ONLY travel booked directly with Axis Travel Centre will be afforded our exclusive “Security Umbrella”©  insurance protections. This protection package is FREE to our clients and refunds your monies should an Airline, Tour operator, Cruise line or agency financially defaults. We welcome you to research and forward Axis Travel Centre with whatever travel options you wish, and we will advise, extend our professional services  and merge travel components to suit you with our “Security Umbrella”© protections in place. T:08 84331111   E: axis@axistravel.com.au

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