This Frequent Flyer service is called Redeem2go©™ at Axis Travel Centre.

We will  either check the AVAILABILITY Of what you want or go one step further and REQUEST and thereafter secure what you ask for via your nominated Frequent Flyer/ Loyalty Club program by performing these services

Advising, assisting and transferring relevant Frequent Flyer points/miles between Cards and Airlines/Hotels/Suppliers on your behalf then securing the flights or other travel components for you(or family/friends)

  • Booking best available travel components based on the travel parameters you ask us to work with.
  • GUARANTEEING:  If we cannot satisfy your travel plans as you ask us to do so, we will refund your monies paid, less only a $25AUD fee each person only. The residue monies that Axis Travel Centre charges will be refunded to you within 48hrs
  • Utilizing our Global Computer Reservations Systems and secured Airline/Supplier codes and data to advise you of Frequent Flyer AVAILABILITY and guaranteed travel REQUESTS.
  • Informing you of loyalty club promotions and “bonus points” schemes.
  • Securing, monitoring and validating your Airtickets and other Frequent Flyer travel vouchers issued ny us on your behalf.
  • Obtaining your point balance of your American Express, Visa, or MasterCard  cards and Airline frequent flyer accounts
  • Transferring points from your loyalty club for redemption of flights, hotel and car bookings
  • Processing the bookings and deliver the documents to you, after verification by us.
  • Arranging travel insurance, accommodation, sight seeing tours, transfers, and more.

Respectfully, with over 41 years experience in Travel permutations and options, the experience and advice of Axis Travel Centre surpasses that of any part-time or inexperienced Telesales person or restricted , biased Website. Our reputation and multitude of Travel and Business Awards attest to this philosophy.

Redeem2go© ™SERVICES
We extend 2 simple services to assist you. One is called AVAILABILITY, the other is called REQUEST.

You can check, for free, Frequent Flyer AVAILABILITY. Use Left panel. “BOOKING AVAILABILITY“.

This is useful if you are a Frequent Flyer member and wish us to check what may be available in Flights or Room, Cars, Cruises.
and/or If you are serious and need us to secure travel, go to REQUEST. Use right panel ,”BOOKING REQUEST“.
This will engage our services to immediately secure the best Airlines seats on Airlines with dates-times-details as supplied by you to us. Airlines in particular require guaranteed full payment of all taxes/fees/levies at the same time as having us secure these seats, so a payment section is also included in this section for you to complete. Payment can be of a service fee only via Credit/charge card done here ONLINE or BANK TRANSFER.


This section is simply a request to check availability without any obligation to proceed and without bookings being made.

We do not book anything or reserve anything for you and therefore we don’t need credit-card or other personal details.

Since we don’t make any bookings during this process, anything that we quote or advise avaiability to you,  could be gone by the time you return to make a booking – even if you return just moments later.

You would do this just to help plan a trip, gauge availability or gather information.       If you then decide to proceed with what was requested by you – or suggested by us as an option – you will need to then proceed to an actual BOOKING REQUEST (on the right-hand side of this page ) to request us to specifically make a Booking.

Go ahead. There is no obligation.

Responses are usually made within a few hours during Business days.

What is Redeem2Go©™ BOOKING REQUEST?

This section is where we take the information you provide us and actually make bookings and reservations on your behalf.

Frequent Flyer Airline, Hotel room , Car Rental and Cruise allocations are usually hard to secure and are instantaneous- so that your request is based on “live availability”  at that specific time of request. This means that we must have your data to allow us to secure your requests.

This REQUEST section needs your:

  • Frequent Flyer details – including PIN .
  • Preferred Carriers/Routes/Dates/Times of proposed Travel.
  • Credit card and standard personal contact details so we can confirm your bookings OR
  • Deposit relevant Service Fees via Bank Transfer to engage our services to begin the process and secure what is available based on the travel parameters you give to us.

Redeem2Go then confirms availability based on parameters given to us by you , securing whatever seats/rooms/cars/cabins are available at that very instant. We will contact you prior to final bookings if we cannot match your preferences closely.

We have established and maintain a GUARANTEE TO DELIVER PROMISE.

If we cannot satisfy your travel plans as you ask us to do so, we will refund your monies paid, less only a $25AUD fee each person only. The residue monies that Axis Travel Centre charges will be refunded to you within 48hrs.

With Frequent flyer airfares, fuel levies, taxes, airport charges and exchange rates please understand that our expert staff will give you a total cost within a radius of a few dollars. This cost variation may occur due to daily fluctuations in International exchange rates and ticket-fuel-airport fees . 

We guarantee that ONLY the relevant Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruise etc and Redeem2go™ fees/taxes/levies that are required by these parties will be debited. Please note that **Airticket fees change daily with fuel levies/security and airport fees based on international exchange rates and Government changes. You may ask our staff for an approximate cost before proceeding or allow us to continue heron. All such **fees are fully computerized and mandatory, issued with your final documents so to complete Frequent Flyer transactions-there is no choice anyway.


  • GUARANTEEING:  If we cannot satisfy your travel plans as you ask us to do so, we will refund your monies paid, less only a $25AUD fee each person only. The residue monies that Axis Travel Centre charges will be refunded to you within 48hrs

This is based on you supplying us with the correct initial data and details with us acting upon that information that is supplied by you to us.

In each instance we must have your correct Frequent Flyer and/or credit/charge card numbers, your PIN details amongst other data as we request from you, plus you must give us a choice of Flight or Travel booking dates/times/routes/Hotel name/car category or Cruise preferences that we can work with (realistically) to accommodate your request.

Please understand that time is of the essence here. We must be quick to secure what you want as very limited Frequent Flyer seats/spaces are usually released. This is particularly important for flight bookings during peak/holiday periods.

Once you confirm that what we have secured via REQUEST is acceptable, , all service Fees levied are non-refundable.

Our reputation is based on these GUARANTEES, plus our other personalized Travel services proudly established in 1978 and continuing onwards today.


Travel Suppliers impose their own strict penalties, fees and conditions if changes need to be made once we have had confirmed or issued your Frequent Flyer requests. Booking fees, loss of points and even cancellation of bookings are some conditions that you may have imposed upon travellers in addition to Redeem2go© ™fees.

Reward Redemption Centre Service Fees ** Domestic International
Full Service-to secure seats , per person
FULL SERVICE Denotes ,that we will transfer points , research latest specials/ bonuses in detail and advise you of various permutations/ offers that may assist you in your Frequent Flyer arrangements
$55 / ticket (Economy class)
$85 / ticket (Business or First class)
$220 / ticket (Economy class)
$330 / ticket (Business class)
$440 / ticket (First class)
Hotel/Car/Gift Redemption bookings: $33 per item $55 per item
Arrange Transfers $22 $44
Amendments $33 per ticket/change $110 per ticket/change
Obtain points status for Credit Card & transfer (if reqd) $22 per enquiry $44 per enquiry
Obtain points status for Airline Club & transfer (if reqd) $22 per enquiry $44 per enquiry
  • To rectify a Frequent Flyer card, bank issued card or miscellaneous Frequent-Flyer related problem on your behalf, $55 minimum (usually Australian based Bank/Airline) to $220 maximum fee (usually Overseas based Bank/Airline). Our professional staff will advise you before initiating this service.
  • In some cases 2 or 3 different Airline systems may need to be used to assemble a (say) Round World Itinerary, with fees charged per carrier. We will advise you if this is the case before your monies are committee- otherwise only the one set of fees will be levied.
  • **No refunds if a Frequent Flyer booking is made and then cancelled by you. Some Airlines may refund some fees to you. Most taxes will be refunded.Most Airlines and Hotels now levy loss of points or miles if a booking is amended or cancelled.
  • For other than this service, Booking Conditions of Airlines, Suppliers and Axis Travel Centre will also apply.
  • We strongly suggest that a Travel Insurance policy is issued by us for you to protect you against loss of Frequent Flyer Fees , Airline, Cruise Company and other Supplier financial collapses amongst other travel costs. We have suitable Travel insurance that can assist you, which is a rare inclusion amongst Travel Insurance policies. Ask us.


PLEASE NOTE AND BE AWARE that to protect your travel investments ONLY travel booked directly with Axis Travel Centre will be afforded our exclusive “Security Umbrella”©  insurance protections. Axis Travel Centre clients are given FREE protections under our unique SECURITY UMBRELLA©* protection package.
This package includes the SAFI [Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance] coverage that protects you in case of the financial failure of an Airline, repaying you for your paid ticket cost.**Additionally, this protection package includes Client Trust Account Fidelity Insurance coverage , Professional Indemnity Insurance plus our adherence to legal standards required via our accreditations with AFTA, ATAS, CLIA, ETG and CRUISECO ,complimented with over 43 years of expertise and experience
Any bookings not made via Axis Travel Centre but via another Agency, Airline, Hotelier, Operator, Cruise, website or any other source are not protected by our SECURITY UMBRELLA©* protection package.
# As at Sept 2020,NO Airline offered SAFI protections if you booked travel with them direct. We remain the only travel agent in South Australia offering the full benefits of SECURITY UMBRELLA©* protection package.

*conditions apply.