Axis Travel Centre: “When professional advice and quality service matter most”

Since 1978 , Axis Travel Centre has invested heavily in strong product knowledge, accreditations, employing and continually training new human staff to deliver to our clients the best solutions, options with quantifiable and guaranteed , risk free,  travel arrangements .

As the travel industry gets more complex and inclusive of web based anonymous companies, unsubstantiated blogsites and here today-gone tomorrow Agencies, Airlines, Tour companies and Cruise lines- we have added our FREE and exclusive “SECURITY UMBRELLA”© protection package*  to protect our clients as much as possible against the financial default of an Airline, Tour company, Cruise line or agency. This is a major investment again by our management to ensure that we not only deliver travel expertise and experience to our clients but also protect their monies to the highest levels available.

As with anything good in the journey of life, *conditions apply, so JOIN US in allowing us to plan your future travel journey in life !

We specialize in quality travel , focussing on Titanium, Centurion, Platinum, Gold and VIP clients wanting delivery of expert advice and professionalism that is becoming rare in the profession of travel management services.

We excel in methodical planning of Itineraries, mature advice from Travel Industry accredited professionals with the ability to construct logical travel itineraries, whilst giving clients relevant travel options.

Our staff and contractors have the ultimate respect for time and Intellectual Property and dedicate these elements to our clients as we know that both time and IP are both priceless commodities that cannot be credited or traded.  Axis Travel Centre, is our business name, trading  under Priority Portfolio Travel Pty Ltd : ABN 45 007 869 123.  We have a passion to advise on travel and deliver travel options to you. That is what we do.

Axis new updated AWARDS and ACCOLADES List for 2019 v1