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Axis Travel Covid19 fun VIDEO

The first 5 VIDEOS via National Geographic/Lindblad :-

  6. HOLLAND AMERICA LINE HAL 2020 Video.Excellent summation.
  7. Destroy your Boaring passes please!
  9. Lindblad Expeditions Cruises 
  10. Lindblad Expedition and National Geographic Cruises 
  11. DORCHESTER HOTELS-Their Guides to their cities. Stay there to experience the very best.
  12. Emirate Airlines Economy Class
  13. Emirates Airlines Business Class
  14. Emirate Airlines First Class
  15. Qantas “Name on the Plane” Axis Travel aircraft painted. Past QF -Axis promo video
  16. Seven Seas Explorer-the most luxurious ship ever built.  $200 OnBoard Cabin inclusion. Exclusively via Axis Travel .
  17. Regent of the Seas – World Cruise example Video. $200 OnBoard Cabin inclusion. Exclusively via Axis Travel .
  18. SilverSea Cruises- Their 5 star luxury in what can you expect!  $200 OnBoard Cabin inclusion. Exclusively via Axis Travel .
  19. Crystal Cruises-full overviews
  20. Crystal Cruises Yacht experience
  21. Crystal Cruises World Cruise expectations
  22. Crystal Cruises Med 2019 Voyage expectations
  23. Crystal Cruises -River Cruises
  24. The worlds best band, without compromise! A bit of Axis Travel escapism! LED ZEPPELIN
  25. Singapore Airlines. A Love story on a great Airline.
  26. Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore
  27. Paris shopping
  28. Bangkok city
  29. Eiffel Tower Paris
  30. Robert Plant Live-Melbourne June 2018. Music escapism. Axis Travel staff where there!
  31. New York city
  32. The Setai Hotel Miami
  33. Bali Anatara Seminyak resort
  34. Bali the Sofitel
  35. London – The Westbury Hotel London
  36. Another piece of Music escapism! LED ZEPPELIN remastered June 2018 “Song remains the same” Video
  37. Vietnam-Hanoi city
  38. Thailand-Phuket Patong
  39. New York city in depth
  40. Namibia unspoilt
  41. New Zealand
  42. Abu Dhabi
  43. Turkey exposed
  44. San Francisco
  45. Siam city
  46. Yosemite National Park-in amazing B+W
  47. Northern Norway
  48. Greece- a homeland revisited
  49. Rome city-discovered again
  50. Budapest city
  51. Prague
  52. Russia
  53. Turkey Cappadocia
  54. Music Escapism again!  LED ZEPPELIN in 2012 reunited
  55. Saigon city living
  56. Chile explored in depth
  57. .