As one of Australias’ longest established and successful Travel Agencies (born 1978) , Axis Travel Centre as a company and their founder  Max Najar (Chairman and Founder) have received and continue to receive consistent media referencing and requests for advice and sourced knowledge on behalf of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries. Referencing is via print media, radio, television, professional industry bodies and a wide scope of varied Industries both within Australia and worldwide. Credentials such as :

  • Regular weekly Australian and International Radio talkback sessions
  • Referenced regularly in many mainstream local, Australian and International print Media articles
  • Syndicated Travel Industry travel articles (since 1988) via “The Good Oil””The Max Factor” , “The Bottom Line”.etc.
  • International Key Note speaking addresses by Max Najar,
  • Published set of training videos , utilizing Max Najar, produced by  American Express (New York) for their worldwide “Worldwide Customer Care” Training.
  • A TAANZ (Travel Agents Association of New Zealand) approved training Video
  • Previous AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) Training modules
  • Referencing Axis Travel Centre within the “The Australian Travel Agency” tertiary students Handbook , as the Australian role-model travel agency.
  • Authoring “Travel Maxims” , the iconic travel industry book , written by Max Najar , edited by Ian McIntosh (reprinted 3 times)
  • As of March 202o, over 3,000 references in GOOGLE for Axis Travel Centre  and/or Max Najar
  • Referenced in various Lonely Planet guidebooks of Axis Travel Centre and Max Najar
  • Since 1990 alone, over 1,900 Media articles have been written, with over 3,500 Australian and International Radio talkback shows logged since 1982.   AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE motto :  “When professional advice and quality service matter most” 

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