TESTIMONIALS – -all unedited. all verbatim. all appreciated………………

Last year Europe and the United Kingdom. All made perfect by Axis Travel, true professionals. Thanks to John and Max, who put pleasure and peace of mind in travel planning.Happy to recommend Axis Travel to anybody with wanderlust.Trevor and Shirley .

Subject: Re: May 2020 Lecce closed.Refunds all made etc . Thanks Max. You’ve done an amazing job.  Cheers  Raf

HI Max,  Just to advise you that the bank refund has already been received in my account (late at night as I am a night owl!).  Again many thanks for the way in which this was handled.Lorre.

“ COVIT-19 – What have we learned? . So what lessons did I learn from COVIT-19 and what advice would I give to someone about to travel.
1:Use an accredited travel agent to organise your travel. The internet has made it a breeze for anyone to book and pay for their travel online. It’s great fun playing travel agent and finding that absolute bargain, be it an airfare, accommodation, insurance, or a tour. It’s so easy. What could possibly go wrong? Well how about natural disasters, political and social unrest, airline bankruptcy, and of course COVIT-19 just to name a few. Thankfully these events are rare but if one of these things happens while you are overseas or about to travel, then you need all the help you can get and a good travel agent is hard to beat.
Once it was clear that the May 2020 trip would have to be cancelled, Max Najar of Axis Travel Centre and I were in constant contact with the singular aim of making sure that all of our clients would be looked after and would be out of pocket as little as possible as a result of the cancellation.
All our clients who booked their travel and insurance with Axis had little or no out of pocket costs. Those who did not book their travel and/or insurance with Axis ………they were on their own to deal with whoever they booked their travel with, and with their insurance company if they had to make a claim.
2. Make sure you have good travel insurance Our experience following the cancellation of the May 2020 tour during the COVIT-19 virus outbreak is very clear. Quality travel insurance is absolutely essential.
Cheap products including those linked with some credit cards are to be avoided and in the event of having to make a claim, you will be on your own. A low price will almost certainly mean significant claim limits and exclusions including not covering pandemics and epidemics. You should carefully read the PDS Product Disclosure Statement of the policy you intend to buy so you know exactly what it covers.
You are strongly urged to purchase your insurance at the time you pay your deposit. Some policies will not protect you if taken out after you have paid for your travel.
You are spending thousands of dollars on the holiday of a lifetime. So why risk all that money by skimping on insurance? It does not make sense and if something does go wrong, it will almost certainly be a case of false economy.
Raffaele T. “Learn Italian in Lecce ..

Thank you for all your work to get the best outcome for us , Judy and I are definitely going to book next time Lecce May is offered .Thanks again , King regards , Jan .

Dear Max, Congratulations on being named a Great Performer. Working through the weekend to locate and expedite the return of the mother of a dying girl must have been greatly appreciated by the family. Your handling of this delicate and difficult situation clearly demonstrates your dedication to American Express and our commitment to customer service.

Quality service is the cornerstone of American Express, and I must express my deep appreciation for the way in which you handled these sensitive and timely arrangements. Your actions clearly show your commitment to providing prompt and efficient services to all who need them.  Again, my thanks and congratulations.  Tommaso Zanzotto, AMEX CEO-NYC

Max, On behalf of all at World Access Australasia and ACC General Insurance, I would like to thank you most sincerely for all your efforts over Easter in helping the family. In what was a tragic situation, the family have expressed their gratitude for enabling Marilyn to be reunited with Cathy. It is satisfying to be able to use our emergency assistance facilities in conjunction with your own to bring such excellent service to an Australian traveller. I look forward to continuing this co-operation in the future. Again, many thanks for your valuable expertise. …Dr Kendall NSW

I am very pleased.  I thank you for the way you and Raffaele have handled the matter of refunds. Again thanks and kind regards,   Lorre (LECCE TOUR).——————————————————————————————————–

There’s “a whole lot of lovin” on that “stairway to heaven”    Max, – you’re a Legend ! Vicki

Almighty and most powerful “MAX THE GREAT ONE”, how thankful we are to have you as our Travel Agent/Office. Not only have you been awarded many high and prestigious distinctions for your fantastic efforts and achievements, but your clients know you truly are the “GREATEST” as well.Not only have you planned our trip with us, and advised of the many extras available, but also strongly advised of better valued products, hotels rooms, cars, tours, theatre, seating and even the pilots and so much more.. And even to the stretched Limo and Wedding Anniversary cake!.. DOUG L.

Mr Najar, Please accept my personal congratulations and deepest thanks for your tremendous efforts to overcome multiple, complex obstacles to reunite a family at a time of great distress. Their story and your compassionate handling of the situation is among the most moving examples of a Great Performer that I have ever heard. It is this kind of spirit and dedication that have made American Express the best service company in the business. I am very proud of you.

I know a great performer like you gets a great deal of personal satisfaction out of providing excellent service and that extra measure of help to our customers every day of the year. That is what has made you a winner this year, in every sense of the word. The Great Performer Grand Prize you have won indicates the tremendous value American Express places on your efforts, and the company’s deepest appreciation for the example you have set for all of us.- JAMES LI-Amex NYC

“Max and his crew have always display consummate professionalism, honesty and competence with our trips. For national travel I always organise it myself, but for international travel their experience, knowledge, contacts, resources and advice have always proved bang on, and immensely valuable. Max & Co. have been in the game for decades, and they know the game better than anyone else. Their counsel is wise, and well worth the price of admission.. Nothing could be as expensive as a cheap trip.”: Julian P.

My husband and I hold the Management and Staff of Axis Travel in very high esteem, their credibility is beyond reproach and attention to detail is undeniably first rate. Thanks again Max and Co for a great trip and safe return.   Brian .

Absolutely exceptional service. Whether it’s an overseas trip or just an interstate weekend away there is always so much attention to detail. Max and his staff are the best!

It is wonderful to see that through your tireless efforts that justice has finally prevailed. The way you assisted your clients during this period makes you stand out amongst the rest. I am sure in similar situations there may be businesses who would have pursued the fraudster relentlessly but, there would be very few who would have used their own funds to repatriate their stranded clients.    This was a truly honourable act. Carol

I just wanted to really try to explain how much I admire you and everything you have been through – and you haven’t given up.You have always shown integrity and you have worked so very hard.

You are very unique,Becs

I cannot begin to tell how grateful I am to you. This is kindness that I did not expect, I have not slept thinking how I would cover the cost of my lack of checking something so basic. This I can manage and I apologise for all the extra work I have caused you.- Rosa

I would also like to thank you for making our family holiday so perfect! It was so much fun and very memorable. Every country was fantastic and we will definitely visit them again but hopefully a longer stay in each!  Your service was exceptional from transfers, tours to accommodation!
Oh! And ofcourse the little surprises! 

You’re a legend Max!!!Thank you so much!!!!!Much appreciated. You rock!

Hilda was very helpful and attended to all of our requests quickly, efficiently and willingly. Thank you….thank you for helping to make our trip so successful…..Sofia O.

The Electra Palace is amazing!!! We are really spoilt! Never lived in such luxury. Thank you Max for planning a very memorable “First ever “ Rasheed family holiday. You have made our family very happy and we will treasure these memories forever. You were right. The time we spent in Turkey wasn’t enough. Would love to come back one day.
Our transfer driver said people would be jealous of our location cause it’s so fantastic! Cant wait for our adventure tomorrow.
God willing this will be the beginning of many more. Much appreciated for all your hard work and planning.- Jan

Genius Max really appreciate all your efforts- Marie j

Thank you Max- where do we begin? We could never thank you enough for ensuring that we had the most magnificent and amazing trip!-Annie

Thank you so much Max and Hilda for the personalised service you always go above and beyond expectations very much appreciated The Jad

We have not had chance until now to thank you for the work you did on the cruise, which was absolutely unbelievable on every metric!… Tony A.

A brilliant trip so far -as usual organised to a tee by you. We couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of work you put into this. We are so fortunate to have you take care of of us, including your professionalism and excellence. Anne

Last year Europe and the United Kingdom. This year Hong Kong. All made perfect by Axis Travel, true professionals.  Thanks to John and Max, who put pleasure and peace of mind in travel planning.

Happy to recommend Axis Travel to anybody with wanderlust.  Trevor and Shirley



Max. It was a pleasure to meet with you today. Thank you for all your assistance and time today.  We really appreciate it. You are a true professional there is no doubt about it…………………Anas

Bon voyage! Made the flight.

Thank you and the team for all your hard work putting this demanding schedule. We are really looking forward to the Lambo drive, Grand Canyon, dogsledding, Banff and New York New York.

Enjoy work. We appreciate what you do for us. M&M.


Hi Max, Firstly, thank you sooo much for absolutely everything you organised for me – and from New York! The videos, the voucher, the gifts, I was speechless!   It made for the most amazing surprise ever, and they both couldn’t believe it.

 “Max, your action has overwhelmed me. I am not accustomed to being on the receiving end – my task is usually the giver.you are one in a million.Thank you for your kindness.   It is so comforting dealing with someone who knows the travel industry so well and has a sense of humor.”


“A sensational travel agency providing clear and detailed itineraries with every required detail listed. This made for easy and stress-free transfers to and from airports and between destinations. Excellent range of information provided on recommendations for places to visit, restaurants to eat at, things to avoid, and general useful information i.e tipping protocols – A.K.”

“Overall the service and resulting holiday far exceeded our expectations. Everything fell into place perfectly and the clear and detailed information provided ensured we maximized our in each location and did not miss any flights or transfers – A and M.”

Congratulations Max on your 40th work anniversary.Wow, what a wonderful achievement with many changes in the Industry throughout the decades.Well done and thanks as always.- Nic


Congratulations on your outstanding career in travel.

  • You have employed and trained many people to a high standard.
  • You have provided professional service to your clients.
  • You have been a strong voice for the industry.
  • You are a great Led Zeppelin Fan.

In the next couple of weeks are you free to go out and grab a bite??Well Done!!!-   Fg


“Thank you for organizing the best holiday by far we have both ever been on. Everything went perfectly and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment and every destination. Also, the extra leg room on the long haul flights was a life saver. The Grand Canyon helicopter tour was excellent and worth every penny!  We are already thinking about the next holiday trying to get one in before the babies come, until then… thank you again! – Andreas K.”

You are fabulous! Thanks John, ? D+Stuart

” How does the song go? “Oh, God Its hard to be humble, when you are perfect in every way!” !!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a “perfect & humble legend” – absolutely delighted with  what you have achieved for us on the cruise Max. Again, brilliant and many thanks!  Cheers Tony”

“Back home safe and sound.  My holiday was fantastic, much of which was due to the itinerary you had arranged for me. Have completed the survey.  Wanted to say that I enjoyed the river-boat cruise more than the massive ship experience – mainly because of the more personalized service (due I know to the smaller numbers).  The fear was that I would get lost trying to find my way around, or miss a plane and feel somewhat lost in the enormous airports.  Again, not a problem, due to your excellent service of providing pick-ups etc.  I travelled all those 6 weeks without a hitch.Thanks again for all your help.  Top class service.- Margaret B.”

“Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable. Everything associated with my itinerary was very well organized which ensured my travels were seamless and hassle free. –   M.Bourne”


“Max well done. 40 years in one industry is a magnificent achievement. I would have to say you are the best in your industry and I hope you will be there for many years to come. –  Stephen B”


“Hi Max had a great time in Japan; lovely people , beautiful gardens , delicious foods

Must tell you that all 3 tour guides were fantastic as was the location of all hotels we stayed in . Thank you for helping to make this trip extremely enjoyable. Kind regards   . Christine . July 2018

Ps must also say a big thanks for the premium economy and access to the airport lounges. Fantastic”


“Thanks for letting me know Max, and yes, definitely worth having the experienced and professional agency on hand to assist.    Cheers , from Qatar airways”


“Thank you so much……when it comes to travel you are the best organiser….regards  Marie J”

“Highly recommend Axis Travel Center- Max was wonderful arranging a rather difficult itinerary, can you imagine booking 8 week holiday including a cruise, bus tour covering most of Europe? The whole trip ran like clockwork ???? Thank you Max for making our dreams come true and the memories that we will have forever ???????????? – Vicki B.”


” Today I was listening to ABC radio and was very interested about the discussion .I thought your company representative was impressive on radio “

“Max..You are invaluable……many thanks. – Cheers,Marie J”

“It’s our pleasure to be able to help your VIP clients & make their holiday very special for them. You know Robert & I are always here to go that extra mile for you when needed.Kind regards Ian”

“It has been absolutely amazing & the hotels & accommodation have been wonderful.  We can’t thank you enough for making this trip such a special & memorable time for both of us.  Kind regards, Heather :)”


“Wow Max you’re a wiz . Thank you very much . I think I owe you some chocolates , Regards Christine”

“Good morning Max,Roma and I would like to thank you and your team for the very special care you took in preparing and arranging our trip to the Netherlands and Lecce. It went seamlessly!Regards,Kim”

“Dear Max

 Michael and I would sincerely like to thank you so very much, for all the time and effort you have spent to ensure our upcoming holiday is planned perfectly.

 We very much appreciate your patience, attention to each & every detail, expert advice and your seamless delivery of customer service.

 Thank-you for being there for us when ever we have needed advice and assistance with any of our enquiries.

 It is such a pleasure for us to deal with you & your company.  You truly are a credit to the travel industry.    Kind Regards Heather & Michael “

“Congratulations & thanks to you & your whole team for a great evening. Wonderful food – please congratulate the restuarant owners.  I really appreciate that your business is built on relationships & service rather than hype & pressure.

Winning Tim’s book was a bonus indeed!  “


“Thank you Max. Alice’s birthday celebration was  a fantastic night . The team at the restaurant made us feel like royalty and the food fabulous . Many thanks again Max. Love the way you look after us. “


“Hi John – We would like to thank you for all the work and effort you put into arranging their flights from the UK .We have always enjoyed the extra mile you and “Axis Travel” go to in ensuring all our holiday bookings run smoothly. 

We have also appreciated your professional approach and even more the personal touch you John, and “Axis” provide.

Once again please accept our sincere thanks for all your efforts”


“Thank you for your outstanding work; I am most grateful. I appreciate your kindness.You have certainly exceeded all the challenges.”


 “Thanks Max. I know I am in good hands.Can’t imagine anything you can’t handle in this business”


 “Well done to Max from Axis Travel for stepping in and coordinating our European adventure in a matter of hours today after missed connections etc

with another carrier and travel agent.Max full credit for your service Vicki”


 “I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ so much for organising a fantastic stay for me on my very first visit to France seeing Paris for one week a. It was wonderful

to deal with you and let you take command and organise my travel for me.Everything you did was highly professional and well-organised and I would be happy to have you organise any travel for me in the future.” Julie


 “Thanks for your great efficiency and care Max. I see why you are so successful.  With admiration and thanks. JH.”