.AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE  was established in July 1978 .We are registered in South Australia, as a business name, under Priority Portfolio Travel Pty Ltd:  ACN 007869123. We believe in our company motto “When professional advice and quality service matter most” ©

We are proud of our Agency and Staff achievements as bestowed by our Industry peers and the Business community and our accreditations and credentials


Some secrets how we have survived and flourished since 1978? ?

Axis Travel Centre advisors are humans. We care, we listen, we understand , we absorb emotions, we use logic , we use common-sense and we apply empathy which are all assets that no amount of technology can emulate.

We provide realistic, honest, sound and sensible advice via our travel advisors who extract from decades of experience in travel that can easily save you significant expense, time and emotional strain, underscored with security and abiding by strict Australian Consumer Affairs, Fair trading and other Government standards in additional to International regulations and requirements.

WE represent our clients and the wider Travel community of consumers and agents in what we believe in-without fear or favour. Examples lately….

AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE second  submission to ACCC regarding Qantas and Emirates QF-EK merger

AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE first submission  to ACCC regarding Qantas and Emirates QF-EK merger  .

COVID is still out there. It has not disappeared!  Axis Travel Centre, Suite # 8, physical office Appointments will therefore continue !

 We will not compromise our professional standards, services or your security.

We prefer to not accept a travel booking by creating a mindset of false promises, unexplained conditions or biased choices. We prefer to under Promise but over Deliver.

We pay our respects to Elders and ancestors who watch over us and guide the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We also pay respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of all nations of our world and the continuation of their cultural, spiritual and educational practices, as we acknowledge their enduring connections to their respective Country, knowledge and stories.

We approach clients and the travel industry as professionals, with professional boundaries and professional expectations that we abide by to deliver expectations to both clients and our suppliers.

STANDARDS AND SECURITIES: We implement, respect and apply all minimum standards required by our accreditations with ATIA (AFTA), ATAS, SAFI, IATA, CLIA, CRUISECO, ITG as well as legal standards required by  ACCC, AUSTRAC ,ASIC Consumer Affairs, Australian Consumer Law, Fair Trading and other relevant legal State and Federal Government entities plus those required by foreign Governments for our international clients. Many internet based travel sites , Toll-free phone center’s and suppliers within Australia and internationally cannot or prefer not to be encumbered by such important standards or other relevant legalities. This could be a fatal mistake when  a client requires swift actions, remedies or assistance, hence the term “buyer beware” is important.

Our mature travel advisors, industry accreditations and credentials are behind all client travel enquiries and bookings whilst maintaining our proud tradition of honesty and integrity, nurtured since 1978.

Travel bookings with us are endorsed with our travel industry credentials and travel advisors expertise  with travel bookings protected with our unique & free SECURITY UMBRELLA © Protection Package







We consider monies paid towards travel as a treasured lifestyle investment and not as only a cost because, if professionally planned, an investment in travel should be a return on your investment via memorable and priceless leisure travel thoughts or the closure of a business deal, creating successful memories and repeatable stories, embellished with friendships, videos, photos, or travel memorabilia.

The journey can start with Axis Travel Centre when you engage our professional services.

There can be a lot at stake in a travel booking, many times influenced by your preferences, your financial budget and your ultimate travel; aims. During the booking process, adjustments may be required because of your change of mind, your family influences or a variety of unforeseen external local or worldwide impacts that may need us to expertly advise, guide, assist, amend or totally revamp your travel components into a revised chronological order or, at worse, to urgently and efficiently evacuate you with your travelling companions.

In such circumstances mature experience and expert guidance absolutely overrides any price cost, with, hopefully, a reliable quality travel insurance claim permitted to cover expenses incurred.

Our agency database statistics have revealed that we receive over 83% of our clients via past loyal clients or new referrals with over 35% of our clients still booking with us for over 40 years, with us now assisting first, 2nd and 3rd generation families.

The words “trust “ and “ wisdom”  are often commented on by clients. Such qualities cannot be bought or traded and are priceless qualities that no amount of paid advertising or marketing can deliver especially when combined with our Axis CHECKLIST of services provided .

In the past few years, we have deliberately not invested in large-scale advertising or marketing campaigns .We decided to steer investments into direct client communications, assisting referred clients  , updating Agency and staff credentials, adding new client travel services and including free client booking protections.

The difference between a Travel Agency, a Travel Agent + a Travel Advisor?

The word “travel agency” is the business name that contracts or employs humans. This terminology has changed in the past few years as the contracted or employed human, previously called a “travel agent” was originally adopted when people went into a travel agency to only have their airline, cruise, bus or tour tickets written out.

The word “agent” creates an image that that person represents the suppliers and is working on their behalf whereas an “advisor” makes it clear that they work on behalf of clients with a dedicated personal passion applied to each booking.

Our travel advisors are curators and designers of travel, delivering compensable professional services, who link high-levels of technology with their advanced levels of travel expertise and experience with the “human-touch”, always acknowledging their required adherence to important legal accountabilities and responsibilities when clients engage their services.

  • Axis Travel Centre travel advisors offer respectful personal attention, applied business safety measures and security backed by our company and advisors’ professional credentials and experience. We do accept that we may not be the travel agency for travelers who are mostly concerned with focusing on the lowest prices and not concerned with our proven benefits or ongoing personalized attention, professional advice and securities. We will not compromise our quality of advice or professional services offered in order to secure a travel sale !


Axis Travel Centre contracts trusted “travel advisors”  who add priceless value to each travel booking delivering to clients decades of experience, expertise, credentials and relevant travel options when travel arrangements are entrusted to them. They save clients significant expense, time and emotional strain, researching, comparing and booking relevant travel options whilst utilizing their influence via their established global connections with suppliers, which in good times can make special things happen. In tough times, these same contacts can also come to the rescue in many effective ways to navigate the complex and uncharted travel waters that travellers cannot do so by themselves and reduce complex burdens that can be thrown at travellers, especially after COVID19, when travel will become even more complicated in the future.

Travellers can expect new travel protocols, which will involve rulings about vaccinations, quarantine regulations, social distancing and mask wearing that could vary from one country to another. Those regulations can change at short notice and for all those reasons it makes sense to rely upon Axis Travel Centre travel advisors who will guide, advise, assist and deliver solutions if the need to amend, postpone, cancel or re-organize travel into a logical, legally acceptable and chronological order is required. A one-contact professional travel source.

REMEMBER that technology alone is not life. Technology cannot create relationships, listen to you, use empathy or have feelings. Spend your time with people, not with devices.

Things may go wrong with interrupted or cancelled travel components , COVID outbreaks,  weather conditions, strikes, Airline or supplier collapses, wars, pandemics, or other unforeseen incidents or dealing with fallible humans worldwide., all beyond your control or our control. This is when you need to have a contactable human on your side who has a depth of experience and contacts to rely upon.

Examples of some notable travel industry incidents that have affected clients, with Axis Travel Centre required to advise, guide, postpone, cancel, re-route ,rebook or evacuate clients and also negotiate with all suppliers and attending to travel insurance claims. This list does not include thousands of personal client based incidents that we have had to deal with since 1978.

From 1978 to June 2024 ,unfortunately. there has been over 460 Airline, Cruise, Resort ,Tour Company, Travel Supplier and Agency collapses, PLUS

  • 2023-2024 Middle East conflict-assistance, evacuations and humanitarian emergency travel rescues.
  • 2022-2023 Volcano interruptions to travel worldwide.
  • 2021-2022 Ukrainian/Russian conflict assisting Eastern Europe travel changes ad evacuations.
  • 2022 COVID-OMICRON continued crisis,
  • 2021 COVID19 crisis ++,
  • 2020 COVID19 crisis +,
  • 2019 COVID19 crisis,
  • 2020 STA travel, Excite Holidays,,Fly365 agency collapses,
  • 2019 Thomas Cook agency collapse,
  • 2019 Cox + Kings consortium collapse,
  • 2019 Tempo Holidays collapse,
  • 2017 Asian volcano Ash disasters,
  • 2003 Iraq war,
  • 2003 SARS outbreak,
  • 2002 Bali bombings,
  • 2001 Ansett collapse,
  • 2001 September 11th USA,
  • 2001 TWA Airline collapse,
  • 1991 Pan Am Airline collapse,
  • 1989 Pilots’ Strike in Australia,
  • 1983 Continental Airlines Collapse,
  • 1982 Middle East wars ,
  • 1980 25th September John Bonham of Led Zeppelin passes away.

Add to this Government regime collapses in the Middle East ,Asia and South America , with over** 460 Airline, Cruise, Resort ,Tour Company, Travel Supplier and Agency collapses plus a continuous series of online data breaches, travel website rip-offs, Online Travel Booking site scams , we are kept busy assisting clients and other referred travellers, with no signs of abating.  [**As of January 2021]

We are happy to consider and compare prices but rarely need to price match.

Price is an intangible item that is long forgotten when consideration is given to clients receiving quality services like better value-added travel components , the security of monies being paid, receiving logical travel options via experienced human advice with the clarity in having booking options and conditions explained clearly. These are some of the important elements to be considered when investing in the overall price equation, especially if unforeseen circumstances occur. It is no good saving a few dollars but to receive substandard services, fake advice or travel arrangements that could have been advised, booked and issued in a better way !

Axis Travel Centre will not compromise our professional standards, services or your security to secure a sale. This is false economy and does not fit our Company or travel advisors beliefs and standards.

We prefer to underPromise but overDeliver.

As with other professions, we value and respect both your “time” and our “time”.

Some professionals use their own liberal license to request payments for the time they allegedly spend on your file or their “service calls” or their “fees”  and usually either “shock” you with the costs they demand or their lack of transparency or  they may even  “surprise” you with their ongoing Invoices for costs incurred .We do not.

Our travel booking conditions and fees and those of relevant Airlines, Cruises, Hotels, Tours, Car rentals and other travel items are all accessible or pre-advised to you before commitments are made.

This transparency provides clarity and no “surprises” or “shocks”


Wasting time , as many do such as waiting for airlines and supplier communications  is evident these days , as they place phone calls “on-hold” or use diverted and sometimes-unclear overseas-Call-Centre’s, asking for your travel details or personal data., paying little respect for your time and privacy .

We adopt internal KPI [Key Performance Indicators] levels that we adhere to in attending to phone calls, emails and texts with required our in-office physical appointment times relying upon communications via our professional human advisors and not handballed to a temporary order-taker, a telemarketer or relegated into cyberspace governed by some foreign software entity.

“Time” is a priceless component of life that cannot be reversed, bought, credited or traded, no matter how much money or assets you may have.  We believe that all parties should reciprocate in respecting time.

Examples of past client comments in what we have delivered can be read HERE.

CLICK any of these links below for expanded service and other explanations:


There is a difference between us giving an opinion and giving advice.

We can personally offer an opinion on what we personally think and what you should personally consider whereas our professional agency advice is based on our expert knowledge, travel expertise and experiences that from our vast travel advisors toolkit, when our services are engaged.

Our travel advisors’ toolkit contains many quality elements, such as a specific skillset of computer keyboard languages that we use via our privy secured access into various Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) that uses a very specific keyboard language skillset, all-inaccessible to consumers. This skillset is complemented with our mature advice and decades of experience and expertise, with an additional benefit that we can enhance clients’’ travel experiences by sourcing extra advice and guidance from our long-term trusted external travel industry colleagues.

Our travel advisors have access to research, obtain realistic reviews and sometimes secure bookings via our Closed User Group [CUG] booking sources and websites, that provide us with travel specific product and servicing links linked to our long-term trusted industry contacts. Our CUG sources, not available to other travelers, give us another competitive edge to source and book extra benefits with many non-advertised deals for clients.

Travel is a very personal experience. No computer, anonymous website or cold-call phone service will ever replace human listening skills, the human touch, human logic, human empathy and human voices.

When to use or not use a Travel Agent? A Media quote, worth considering:

 “If a travel agent cannot add “true value” to the travel equation for a client, then the client should reconsider using that travel agency or travel advisor and maybe that agency should not exist. This added “true value” should never be solely price based. This value can include such qualities as being able to deal with a trusted person, relying on that travel advisor to apply their professional expertise and experience to truthfully advise and manage travel arrangements or adding the tangible qualities of monetary securities with the highest levels of credentials and accreditations to deliver the best travel services, before, during and after travel is undertaken. If you also add the realistic savings made in saving time, reducing stress levels and the advisors ability to “deconfuse the confusion”© by offering logical travel options and an ability to explain complex conditions then the combination of all of these benefits are a validation that a professional travel advisor can add “true value” to the overall travel equation and is therefore a worthy investment.” © MN1978


We respect and understand that it is a client’s prerogative and own choice to research, trust and book travel where they wish. We can only provide common-sense facts to be considered. Although we have built and control our own Australian-based, secured and unbiased website www.axistravel.com.au we think it is critical that we comment factually on other Airline, Supplier, OTA [Online Travel Agent] websites and their toll-free links.

The Axis Travel Centre website does not accept or contain paid advertising placements. It is built purely as an informative, relevant and secured travel agency website for clients. It is updated weekly.

Some websites/phone numbers can appear one day and disappear the next
. When risking your data via websites or using toll-free phone numbers we suggest that you do all possible to minimize your exposure to risks when inputting data.

On websites , look for the prefix of https://  as a minimum criteria , as letter “s” denotes “secured”, also ensure that the website entity transacts monies into a traceable Australian Bank , also check if that website belongs to a company that is accredited with any professional travel industry association and investigate where the listed phone numbers and emails are geographically located . Their registered business name location is important as overseas-based travel entities need not assist or entertain any traveler complaints, as they do not need to adhere to any Australian Government legality or Consumer Affairs complaints. Check the quality of their response times and the quality of their answers to your questions, hopefully with them offering 24 x 7 English speaking support in case of need.

If negative issues erupt, the engaging of lawyers is usually a worthless option in time, effort, and monies with zero or limited chance of compensation.

They may have your monies and/or personal data, and once misused, the nightmare begins!

Most review sites, including TripAdvisor and blogsites are anonymous or you cannot verify 100% their authenticity or honesty. You could be reading unsubstantiated fake facts or fake news or fake commentary placed by the owners, their competitors, bribed consumers or a series of manipulated comments invented by computer algebraic software that infiltrates such review sites with biased commentary and photo shopped images with an ability to also misuse your data.

  • Consider relying upon the words of your trusted family, friends, travel advisor or other humans before you rely upon electronic media commentary or inexperienced sales staff.
  • Click Print MEDIA to read factual reports and consumer issues and refer to Australian Government https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/ for more info.

An “OTA” is denoted as an Online Travel Agent. They are engineered order takers with very limited products, hardly any unbiased choices with  zero human rapport.

  • Axis Travel Centre travel advisors are not order takers.

Most OTA’s have deliberately designed and built their research and booking system platforms to save bricks and mortar , rental and labour costs , able to be devoid of human contacts or responsive communication sources, offering very limited or zero travel-planning flexibilities. They tend to offer and book only what the OTA wants to offer each traveller, whether it is the correct product or not; as many OTA’s need not adhere to specific standards. They use attractive marketing techniques to attract travellers but most of their travel deals can be easily matched and sometimes exceeded when we breakdown and provide other value-added travel options.

  • Many overseas-based OTA operations via websites or toll-free phone numbers employ foreign labour and are not obliged to subscribe to or abide by strict Australian Government legal standards or Travel Industry professional accreditations for staff or their company. Many also divert funds into overseas bank accounts with many travellers unable to obtain detailed explanations of travel component inclusions, booking conditions and fees and possibly an even harder task to amend or add to travel arrangements, secure refunds or receive assistance in case of emergencies or an evacuation. You are on your own.

The Axis Travel Centre Website:  Researching or booking travel via the Axis Travel Centre website or direct with our professional human travel advisors ensures that the highest levels of accreditations and securities required by us via  ATIA (AFTA), ATAS, CLIA, IATA, ETG, ACCC, ASIC and other strict Australian Government regulations are all adhered to , in addition to our unique free benefits of SECURITY UMBRELLA © Protection Package

OUR WEBSITE The 20 most visited sections of www.axistravel.com.au .  

Axis Travel Centre endeavors to make sure that all information on our website is as accurate as possible. We reserve the right to correct inaccuracies should they occur. Please note that all pricing, advice, conditions and holiday inclusions displayed on our website are subject to change and availability at the time of booking.

When a client pays monies or provides data to us directly or indirectly via us towards any airline or supplier travel component or service, we accept this as an acknowledgement from you and your represented travellers that you have read, understood and accepted the relevant booking conditions and fees applicable to your travel; request/booking. Please contact us before you commit any monies or data before any such commitment is made as this default ruling applies thereafter.

We reserve the right to alter these terms & conditions at any time but the original booking conditions and fees that you accept when you engage our services are what applies. We will not vary these after initialization is made.

Please refer EXTRA services and other conditions/fees  : CLICK HERE

Please note that the inclusion of links on the Axis Travel Centre website is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation of any linked website or its content. We cannot guarantee that this Website or any linked website will be free from viruses, or that this Website or any linked website will be uninterrupted.

We reserve the right to correct any content prices quoted or conditions that apply at time of website viewing or calculated for any travel deals advertised with immediate effect. We will take all reasonable measures to notify you of such corrections including supplier system updates in advance.

Data Protection – Protecting your Privacy:

We warn clients to use extreme care and to consider the consequences in placing data online to book request or book travel components, as there is no guarantee that your data will not be on sold, manipulated, misused or forwarded to other anonymous parties for marketing or invasive purposes. Attempting to resolve problems after such misuse has eventuated may be impossible or expensive.  Once your privacy or ID has been stolen or misused, it is nearly impossible to resolve.

Axis Travel Centre, in order to process your booking, relies as much as possible in placing data only via encrypted modes of communications and/or password protected CRS- [Computer Reservation Systems], in order to pass your details to the relevant suppliers. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of that information. We refrain as much as possible from using unknown or “unreliable” websites or any entity that we are unfamiliar with, as well as most toll free numbers as we regard these entities as being unstable, untrustworthy, slow and flimsy or they may contain all of these attributes, especially if they link your data to unknown third party overseas entities.

Click PRINT MEDIA if you want to read real-life examples of data misuse or online frauds and more.

We collect and use personal information in-house only or to secure various Suppliers travel components that you agree to, all preferably via our CRS- [Computer Reservation Systems] or our dedicated and privy communication modes and NOT VIA the majority of mass-marketed consumer communication websites, phone calls and advertised deals.

When you engage our services, we assume that you have agreed to what we have provided,  allowing us to use your relevant data to finalize your travel booking(s), in addition to relevant Supplier or relevant Government departments or for our own marketing purposes. Please inform us if you do not wish to receive these communications.

Please note we have a policy to not share data we are provided with from clients with third party organizations for commercial purposes apart from what is required by us or connected suppliers to engage and/or finalise travel arrangements that you may require. If you are aware of or concerned about us providing any third party your information, please advise us of this.

In some cases, if you ask us to book travel via a third party that we consider may risk or jeopardize your travel investment in any way or if we have determined, at our sole discretion, that we are not comfortable to proceed with what you request, we will not progress with your travel booking.Our consideration of your travel investment risks balanced against  our discretion not to proceed with any third party booking request will override your request. Sorry.   We prefer not to be part of any sequence that may compromise your data, your privacy and our reputation in what we trust and wish to deliver.

We abide by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (CT) (the Privacy Act) and any new regulations that we are asked to abide by.

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