Frequent Flyer BOOKING REQUEST Form

Thank you for making contact with our Redeem2go™ Frequent Flyer REQUEST service.
We will respond to you as soon as we check the availability of Travel services submitted.
  • Flight seats, Hotel rooms and Cruise cabins are INSTANT and “LIVE” so we must secure what you request immediately.
  • We must have a Phone or Email contact from you that we can contact to obtain your agreement should exact dates/times/flights/hotel rooms or Cruises are not available.
  • If Travel components are available as you REQUESTED then we will secure as you asked. If not – we will contact you with any feasible alternatives, hence we need your contact Phone or Email to obtain immediate communication with.
  Please email us your Credit Card data below BUT place only the amounts of $55 per Domestic Ticket per person and $220 per International ticket in the amount boxes.
  1. Your card will be debited these amounts only , based on the preferred Travel parameters of what you have requested.
  2. Any other compulsory costs (Fuel levies/taxes/airport charges etc) will be advised by us to you and then debited as appropriate as each Airline, Cruise Co., Airports and exchange rates vary.
  3. If we cannot secure Travel as you have asked us to secure any debits made will be refunded back to our same card within 48 hours of any businessday.
  4. These fees are NOT refundable if seats/rooms/cruise cabins are secured as you asked us within the parameters given to us, This is part of our Guarantee conditions, hence we require a contact Phone and email from you to us should we require to instantly discuss options with you.
Without payment , the Airlines and Hotels and Cruise companies wil NOT alow us to proceed with securing Travel. It is their condition- not ours.
§ CLICK HERE to see our Redeem2go™ GUARANTEES that protect your Travel investment.
§ CLICK HERE to go directly to our automated Credit Card payment page.
§ CLICK HERE  to go to our “Signature on File”  Form page that you can print and fax, email or post to us.
Only a Credit/Charge Card or “Signature on File” facility which advises us of your preferred Credit/Charge card can be used as both the Airlines and us are unsure of exact Ticket-Fuel Levy costs until your REQUESTED seats are secured within specific routes/flights/classes/airports plus exchange rates changing daily.