This section of our Website  will give our current or future Corporate clients an overview of what we do deliver.
 AXIS Travel is happy to provide our SABRE ONLINE  [SOL} Soution to our relevant Corporate Travel accounts , read below .


LOW Touch : Using SABRE ONLINE  [S O L ]

Axis Travel Centre may install, under license, the SABRE ONLINE software Booking Reservations System in Corporate Offices of clients.

This is regarded as the most powerful travel Computer Reservations System in the world.

ü  Axis Travel Centre nor any other Agent should be in existence if we cannot add value to the overall Travel equation. This is based not only on price but quality travel advice, security, choices and delivery of travel as a composite service.  We know we do and have done so since 1978.

ü  We are a fully accredited bricks and mortar, physically evident office and not built on flimsy, unreachable phone number or website somewhere in cyberspace.

It allows the following benefits and advantages:

·        SABRE ONLINE, denoted as SOL  is not available to the general consumer and it is not a generic consumer Booking system, it is Travel industry proven “industrial strength “  booking system.

·        SABRE ONLINE has had travel industry jargon and scripts replaced with user friendly keyboard applications and common-use language.

·        Subscription and access fees are paid by Axis Travel Centre with zero costs incurred by our licensed Corporate clients.

·        Training on how to use SOL is via Axis Travel Centre senior staff who will train, advise and be  a solid contact point for  dedicated booking clerks. Training is performed in our Office or in your Corporate Accounts office, usually 1-2 hours only required.

·        Absolute 24 x 7 booking access and issuance of travel tickets/vouchers.

·        Each SOL booking receives FREE Security Umbrella  monetary travel Insurance protection which  compensates you with refunds* should any Airline or any supplier booked under the umbrella of Axis Travel Centre services liquidates.. No other Travel Agency in Australia has the full protection of this Security Umbrellacombined with our accreditations and credentials. It is at ZERO cost to travellers.  Please note that no Airline or supplier has this protective coverage, as extended FREE by us Remember Pan Am, TWA, Ansett, Compass1 + 2, Australian Air, Monarch Airlines and over 49 other European/Asian./American/African Airlines in past 15 years in addition to current financial /bankruptcy problems with Alitalia, Air Berlin and South African Airlines worldwide.

·        SOL allows fast ONE-SCREEN solution to compare Domestic and international carriers schedules and  airfares, car rental and Hotel , with real-time, instant booking access with zero time delay.

·        SOL links with automated Invoicing  E Ticket issuance, GST dissection and Itinerary iIssuance via dedicated emails to the Corporate PA or traveller or both.

·        SOL saves enormous time in searching, booking, Invoicing, Receipting and creating Itineraries so you can invest this time in other areas of your required concern.

·        Discounted, negotiated Corporate rates are preloaded into SOL for Airlines, Hotels and car rentals , so the Corporate Booking clerk need not have to ask or search for.

·        Flexible Flight changes can be made with domestic Virgin or domestic Qantas, to enable time or date changes  24 x 7 , are allowed to be made directly by the Corporate travel booker as each flight is automatically coded  by Axis Travel Centre to allow this flexibility or contacting Axis Travel staff to do same is available. Refunds, upgrades or exchange of travel bookings must be initiated via Axis Travel staff only.

·        Fast preloaded Travel reasons and Acceptance via SOL  allows flexibility on each travel booking, guiding each travel booking into your preferred costing Department with preloaded scripts that the Corporate booking clerk tags  as to the Company reason for Travel PLUS  a verdict why the booker has booked a specific fare or flight or carrier , to protect any audit questionings.

·        SOL Merged Itineraries : all travel components are merged into  logical, chronological order (say Flights/transfers/car rental/Hotels)  for travellers to follow ,saving valuable Salaried time  and effort for the Corporate booking clerk and traveller.

·        The Key Performance indicator [KPI] is in the hands of the booker as they are in control . As of 2017, SOL KPI computer uptime was audited as being over 98.5%, compared with consumer travel related websites of 69-72%.

·        SOL will accept Frequent Flyer numbers with meal and seating requests already pre-loaded.

·        Protection against refunds, upgrades and exchanges are in place linked to each Company profile so that only the authorised Corporate travel booker and associated signatories or cardmembers can authorise such modes of monetary exchanges. The traveller may not be the payee so this system is in place to protect the liable payee.

·        PRISM reporting: Axis Travel Centre provides IATA Airlines, Hotels and Car rental companies worldwide their requested, mandatory reporting of sales made and other data to ensure that Corporate accounts specially negotiated rates are use and  sold with conditions adhered to. PRISM is a secured and recognised Travel industry Data reporting department that we send monthly data extracts  to via the SOL LOW Touch facility and also travel data made via our HIGH Touch facility. This is another free audit service that we do to ensure data integrity and longevity is maintained to allow our Corporate clients to keep “alive” their negotiated discounted rates. Without this facility, negotiated rates and “favours” are withdrawn.

·        Axis Travel Centre Assistance is there via or HIGH Touch parameters , in Emergencies or to assist the Corporate booking clerk for last-minute bookings , or attend to specific requests, merging of bookings or  whatever is asked for should this be required.


*     If  you are convinced that the above benefits and advantages in having  Axis Travel Centre invest in  SABRE ONLINE are for you then SOL is for you.

*     Have us consider your request . Email

If not convinced, then this unique product is NOT for you!

BOOKING + ISSUE FEES are only levied once the Travel bookings requested are compared between all Airline carriers relevantly listed, Car rental companies rates compared or destination Hotels listed.  No consumer websites  have the combined, one screen solution inventory or the availability of SOL, hence apart from saving time and effort, the monetary savings can be substantial-.

LOW Touch DOMESTIC (Australian) FEES: Added to the best available and negotiated, selected Airfares

One way $33 AUD per person per Airline Carrier.  $66 AUD Return. GST included, in addition to any Airline fares/fuel levies/security charges/airport taxes and credit card fees that they charge.

LOW Touch INTERNATIONAL FEES : Added to the best available and negotiated, selected Airfares:

One Way $110 / Return : $180 which searches over 280 International Airlines with over 1.5 million flight permutations worldwide, in addition to any Airline fares/fuel levies/security charges/airport taxes and credit card fees that they charge.

CAR RENTALS AND HOTELS : No fees for Accommodation or Car rental. NOTE:   Exclusive preloaded discounted Corporate prices and/or Premium Cardmember rates are automatically compared via the automation of  SABRE ONLINE  against most Hotel chains, selected Hotels and major Car rental companies when we establish each individual SABRE ONLINE Account for your Company. You need not do any homework or checking. The rates applicable to each room type, with or without meals and Car rental vehicle types are listed on one-screen for bookers to select and secure. These rates are also compared against the “best rate of the day” that are procured from each supplier.

BEST VALUE OR LOWEST PRICE : Imperative to note that once conditions of Airfares and flights, Hotels and car rentals are noted the lowest price MAY NOT be what is best for that individual traveller as times, flights, routes, carriers, Hotel locations, room types, bedding, vehicle type or Depot pickup/dropoff locations and times of office opening hours  may influence the travel arrangements more than the lowset price. Axis Travel Centre is there to assist in case of need.

When searching over 1.2 million Hotels worldwide a Booking FEE of $25 AUD may apply ONLY if the loaded Axis Travel Corporate negotiated rates are hugely discounted and  below any retail source. These ae specifically noted prior to any booking being made.

HIGH Touch :  Engaging the professional human service of our staff/contractors

We invest heavily on our human staff expertise, ongoing training programs, expertise and experience. Their time is valuable and dedicated towards delivering the best travel solutions to our leisure and business travellers with a level of human services that is promoted by our high level of client referrals and repeats.

We place the highest value on these elements of professionalism, respecting the priceless commodity of “time”. No amount of money or accolades can replace the final delivery to you in respect to the best solutions to timely, complex, large, unique or VIP status travel arrangements if clients are time-poor or wish to engage our professional travel services with the highest level of trust , monetary security and empathy that no computer or expensive mode of media marketing will ever deliver.

We utilise and combine all of the benefits of LOW Touch bookings  using SABRE ONLINE plus you engage the professional human HIGH touch services via Phone, email or walkin with Axis Travel Centre staff/contractors .

Axis Travel Office have a KPI of 2 hrs on receipt of phone call or email  or walkin of Travel bookings during Office hours , with dedicated 24 x 7 phone/text/email connectivity for VIP clients.

Since 1978 we have maintained the highest level of product knowledge, security, services, expert travel advice and delivery of what is asked and more via human services, empathy and logic that no piece of technology can ever duplicate or replicate.

BOOKING + ISSUE FEES   are only levied once the Travel bookings requested are compared between all carriers listed , Car rental companies listed of Hotels listed.  No consumer websites combined have the inventory or the availability of SOL, hence apart from saving time and effort, the monetary savings can be substantial-delivered on the same computer screen .

HIGH touch DOMESTIC FEES: One way $44 AUD per person per Airline Carrier.  $88 AUD Return. GST included, in addition to any Airline fares/fuel levies/security charges/airport taxes and credit card fees that they charge.

HIGH touch INTERNATIONAL: One Way $155 / Return: $220 , we conduct searches of over 280 International Airlines with over 1.5 million flight permutations worldwide in addition to any Airline fares/fuel levies/security charges/airport taxes and credit card fees that they charge.

No fees for Accommodation or Car rental. NOTE:  When searching over 1.2 million Hotels worldwide a Booking FEE of $25 AUD may apply ONLY if the loaded Axis Travel Corporate negotiated rates are hugely discounted and  below any retail source. These ae specifically noted prior to any booking being made.

*Conditions apply.

All travel bookings made ONLINE under or via SABRE ONLINE  are protected via the Axis Travel Centre exclusive SECURITY UMBRELLA©*  travel insurance policy. FREE.

A simple, personalized human relationship for all our Corporate Accounts . 

Although we do utilize state-of-the-art Computer Reservations systems linked to our in-house WEB site to enhance your Travel experiences , we rely heavily upon personalised human services and a one-contact source to facilitate your Travel. Simplicity and relevance is critical.
Bookings made online under the umbrella of our Agency are also protected by our accreditations and credentials when transacted via our Agemcy. You even have access to humans who are fully accredited and professionals in their field- not a risky computer or unknown human entity !



 Our services extend beyond standard Travel Agency services such as offerring you:






     Ability 24 x 7 to research and book  ONLINE your preferred Airline,Hotel,Car rental, , CRuise, day Tour, transfers , Travel Insurance , Foreign Monies and Cioach Tour tickets via one site/one screen (not a multitude), 24 x 7. 
  • Discovering many options to make an informed choice , and not via a biased one-Airline or prejudicial website.
     Access to our experienced staff advising, managiing & procuring Frequent Flyer tickets via our in-house Redeem2Go(tm) (c)  Frequent Flyer department that assists in most airlines, Cruise, Hotel and Car rental loyalty programs.
     Ability to search and book any “last-minute” Hotel rooms ONLINE 24x7 , Car rentals and Tours and Cruises with ability to also confirm and issue .
     Retrieve your Airline and Hotel bookings ONLINE, 24 x 7 , if made via Axis Travel.
    To obtain your preferred International airfare quotes via your preferred Airline,route or class.
     To order Foreign Exchange ONLINE that can be collected from your nominated Australian AMEX Foreign Exchange office. A free service.
  • Read and heed the World Wide Wisdom,, Latest Travel News updates which clients and Media refer to consistently.






We have a total package of Travel services both ONLINE and OFFLINE – for YOUR COMPANY..






Please invest your time and read through the many advantages and benefits we offer.










Our Team will work with your Team and deliver what we are good at –TRAVEL.







YOUR COMPANY need contact us once only for any or all Travcel bookings within Australia or internationally. We will extract, decipher and advise you of the many airfare and other travel component conditions that may apply to your requested travel policies.








No need to research, remember, book, issue, chase-up, amend, cancel, exchange and suffer the legal ramifications from travel bookings. That is our area of expertise.
























We keep this simple, via ATO approved Tax Invoices and Receipts issued per Travel transaction made with traveller data and other components clearly listed or attached.








All charges are made by us or supplier on your behalf against your nominated card and we can debit one or numerous cards per Department or traveller. Your choice.






We use the power of the full suite of SABRE and SAM software that exceeds Industry standards as we have invested in all facets of Reservations, Database management, Corporrate Account compliancy standrds and Accounting reporting protocols to suit individual company needs on a personalised basis.












We will extend to YOUR COMPANY the best available rates on 






     Domestic Airfares # (up to 76% savings off of full fares) 
     International Airfares#.Exclusive route deals implemented where warranted.
    Un-advertised Corporate Airfare, Cruise and Hotel rates that are exclusive to our long-term Corporate clients that are privy and confidential. Savings between 25-37% can be made for regular flown routes and classes based on volume travel.
    Hotels (up to 60% savings)
    Car rentals (up to 25% savings), and 
    Travel Insurance policies (Annual Corporate savings up to 60%) plus
  • CRUSISECO and other Cruise deals of ipgrades, On Board credits, Free Hotel stays and tarnsfers on many cruises.
  • Extension of American Express premium Cardmember services, upgrades, Duo Airfare deals, Resort and Hotel and Car upgrades and exclusive personal benefits and invitations to special events.



Additionally, we will extend to YOUR COMPANY our already negotiated  reduced AXIS and AMEX rates on Cruises, Tours and Limousine transfers worldwide plus we may be able to extend to your travellers various Frequent Flyer linked discounted Travel rates.









# Although there are many internet based Airfares which you may book ONLINE , they are not always the “lowest” or best options to suit times/dates/routes/carriers or flexibility that you may require. We welcome you to book ONLINE or YOUR COMPANY can rely upon us to decipher these conditions and advise you if youi wish our staff to assist.. Your choice.






Our reputation is your guarantee.




Yours sincerely,

Axis Travel Pty Ltd


Max Najar(CTM), AAMI, A.F.A.I.T.T.(L)

Chairman and Director





Accounting and Management Reports




Since 1978 , we have maintained a solid stance of continued business with a very wide cross section of clients, from individuals to large “blue-chip” companies, we use one simple but powerful accounting system to cater.


1.       We require our clients to adopt and use a simple “Signature on File” [S.O.F.] facility.



2.       We do not require any Credit checks or referrees. A valid Card is all that we need + use


With the Signature On File facility “SOF” we can manage your company's credit or charge cards on your instructions. You may add to or delete from these requirements at any time.










  •  Allows a seamless method of accepting, initiating and confirming most forms of Travel immediately without much paperwork , especially for those “urgent” bookings.

  •  All travellers have their travel requirements placed against a nominated card or card(s). This allows us to guarantee reservations and ensure travel components are completed efficiently with clearly defined invoices and receipts issued.

  •  Cardmember gets Frequent Flyer points on all charges levied against the Card.

  • Axis Travel can assist in advising and managing how best to use these accrued points.With our exclusive “REDEEM2GO” service, we attend to , manage and issue Frequent Flyer tickets on your behalf with this “S.O.F.” facility integral in allowing us to speedily issue such tickets  and extend the best travel deals to extract the best frequent flyer points and bonuses especially as these tickets are confirmable only upon immediate action. 

  • Hotel ,Car rental and incidental costs can be efficiently debited against this Card.

  • Any refunds, exchanges or upgrades are trackable easier via the same Card solution audit trail. The time savings here are enormous.

We accept any Visa, Mastercard, Diners or Amex card, with a bias towards Diners and Amex as thye have no credit ceilings to concern most travellers.









With YOUR COMPANY we can establish one simple “Signature on File” Account against any of your preferred Credit or Charge Card(s) or a series of cards for each Department or traveller. This is your choice as we can facilitate flexibility and issue/Invoice in accordance with your preferences.




After we obtain your “S.O.F.” account, this is what happens.






1.      You only need to advise Axis Travel once your preferred credit or charge cards, the information is securely stored as an ongoing “Signature on File” account.





1.      A travel profile: Each traveller may complete our simple Personal Profile form, which is entered into our database to store all preferences, frequent flyer numbers etc. then








2.      One contact: You need to make Axis Travel as your sole Travel contact.Your company should then advise us who is your nominated person(s), or if individuals may make contact with us to book travel- or even a bit of both! Once you advise us of your preferences we will accommodate those reqiuests.If you nominate one person then we will accept orders ONLY from that person with communication via email, fax, phone or in person to arrange any aspect of travel such as, flights, hotels, car hire, transfers, tours, Insurances, Visa, conferences , incentives etc. then




3.      Ticketing: we provide best value travel arrangements and issue ‘E’ tickets (electronic tickets) wherever possible against your Account BUT we explain in plain english the conditions and options before you commit your Company monies. Your contact (the traveller , Secretary or PA) must be authorised to say YES or NO, as most travel components booked are subject to terms and conditions and fees/penalties. An ATO approved tax invoice is sent to you.

4.      If you do the bookings yourself via our Website (ONLINE) then all travel bookings can be confirmed and tickets issued with appropriate paperwork emailed to you robotically.

5.      If you request our staff to do Travel bookings (OFFLINE) then we complete the travel booking based on your requests (subject to availability), await your email, phone or fax confirmation of bookings made and issue tickets and vouchers as required.

6.      Your accountant's time will be dramatically reduced as the paperwork is minimum.






Management Reports




We can provide YOUR COMPANY with detailed management reports upon request.

This can be per Department, per Traveller or per Company.

Unlike other large Corporate Agencies and Airlines, Axis Travel does not levy any charges for such reports.

A “SERKO” example is attached. This is our most common request.



DETAILED AIR ANALYSIS report can consist of:






-        Passenger Name :



-        Departure Date:



-        Ticket No.



-        Airline



-        Routing



-        Class



-        Full retail advertised Fare



-        Actual Fare Paid 



-        YOUR COMPANY Savings made



-        YOUR COMPANY Savings as a %



-        Taxes



-        Lead time given to Axis to book



-        Reason this ticket issued.





Such comparisons ensure that you are aware of your travel budget and adherence to your Company Travel Policy  is maintained. From this source you may vary or adjust your Travel policies to suit . Most similar reports are cost free to you.


















AXIS TRAVEL Computer and Website facility.














Our Computer system 











We use the full suite of SABRE reservations System software and SAM Database management systems.

This total integration of Computer software and facilities is designed to enhance the Travel experience and add unique values to your Travel experience with us.



We give you the ability to research and book ONLINE or OFFLINE. Your choice.








If Axis staff are asked to book and issue airtickets, a nominal fee may be levied but that also equates to us automatically assuming accountability and responsibility . This includes our services to correctly Invoice, track, amend, cancell and assist each traveller for any such






Our investment in the latest technology must complement our solid believe that the Airlines and suppliers that we deal with maintain an integrity of quality products and services as we work on behalf of our clients who also entrust us with what we advise and deliver.











The AXIS TRAVEL website 











Our Website is maintained and updated internally, allowing us to instantly update and remove Travel deals (most that are never advertised to consumers).

Our Website is secured for Internet access externally with multiple firewalls and encrypted codes to protect what is inputted.

The Axis Travel website is not just a website but a “PORTAL” site .

We have developed our site to be used as a large library (built inside a fortress!) with many rooms that you can enter, exit and return to as you please. The main point is that we are the librarian and we examine the authenticity of books before they are placed on the shelves , to protect you(and us). A clients ability to research Travel and relevant data, compare products, book travel and have tickets/vouchers and foreign cash issued, retrieve their travel bookings, email us and make secured ONLINE payments are the most important factors that have been positively commented to us by users.




 We accept no bias or advertising or sponsorship as it is within our philosophy to maintain “the worlds’ first unbiased travel portal website”.











Our unique WEB site allows you to go beyond only booking Travel and having tickets issued, but extends to you over 95,000 Hotels to book from and search from over 600,000 airfare permutations, request Cruise bookings, issue your Travel Insurance ONLINE or order and collect Foreign monies (travellers cheques or foreign cash) from your preferred nominated American Express Foreign Exchange office – anywhere in Australia.A relevant and user-friendly Web site @

Please “save” our website as your desktop FAVOURITES so that you can use us regularly.



1. “TRIPCASE" Is A FREE web-based secured, travel itinerary database, allowing travellers to view their travel bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any airline lounge, home, laptop, PDA, Internet Café or any computer anywhere – worldwide (huge time savings!). This allows the traveller to view LIVE and be updated to the minuite with any travel changes that may have occurred after their departure from their home town. “TRIPCASE” will save valuable time and cost communicating to/from your home-based staff. See an example on our website at Should an unexpected voluntary change to your itinerary be necessary, a simple email to Axis Travel will also allow us to amend, change or cancel your travellers data and relay these updates back into "TRIPCASE"  . .

2.  SABRE ONLINE [SOL]  We offer our main Corporate Clients an in-house, in your office 24 x 7 FREE web-based international airfare quoting system which will allow you the choice to price your own itinerary,Book Flights , Cars and Hotels with already preloaded discounted Corporate rates .This is the exact same database that most licensed Australian Travel Agents use in-house, but we have had re-worded with less jargon to be readable by our valued clients. You can request your preferred airline and/or any airline combination instantly, all from a multiple range of options. With over 580,000 permutations , many are updated on a daily basis to give you the very latest International airfare deals. Tickets are issued by you instantly to travel instantly against your nom,inated Credit card. 

3. Hot Specials refers to Travel deals on Domestic, International ,VIP and Cruise offers that are not advertised extensively but we have sourced from within Australia and from our overseas partners. The majority of deals that we advertise on our website are exclusive, they have a limited sell-time duration but include exceptional value-added items. Our clients booking these deals are the perfect endorsement that it works well ! We tend to place the best-value deals ONLINE with many sourced outside of standard Australian marketplaces.

4.         AVIS VEHICLE RENTALS. We have a direct link to the AVIS worldwide car rental computer reservation system with our discounted AVIS Corporates rates already alloacted when you make a booking. In addition you may link to the free weather and driving condtions including distances via this site. Australian & Worldwide AVIS reservations can be made.

5. CRUISECO As full members of “CRUISECO” , a cruise consortium which places us amongst a select few (500 out of over 4500 Travel Agencies in Australia) this linkage allows you direct access into the very best Australia based and Worldwide Cruise deals in the world. The ability to look at the Ship, the cabin plans, even view your rooms, and even get a 3D virtual reality view of some vessels.

     An auto email response to Axis Travel will allow us follow up your request. We extend to you the best available prices and cabin / Cruise deals + upgrades, with exclusive airfare add-ons on most international cruises. This allows YOUR COMPANY to take advantage of exclusive benefits to use for your leisure, conference or even incentive options for your staff. Cabin upgrades can save thousands of dollars per booking, with exclusive group negotiating power. Most of these deals are not publicly advertised . As an exclusive Cruiseco benefit, you can also gain free QANTAS Frequent Flyer points when we book International Cruises on your behalf-and you need not even fly QANTAS to get these points ! Ask us.


6.      TRAVEL INSURANCE are an essential component of your travel costs to protect against personal accident/illness or if some thing unexpectedi interfers with your best laid plans. In accociation with both AMERICAN EXPRESS/TRAVELSCENE and QBE Insurance – we offer you a choice to issue your own travel policy ONLINE. You will be able to decide your own cover that will be appropriate to your trip. This linkage is a result of strong client demands. Unlike other Insurance policies that you may read about, both products have been specifically written and adapted to suit the demands of our complex Travel Industry. Be safe. Be sure.

7. AXIS TRAVEL WEBSITE LINKS : When you book with us, we extend inbuilt discounted rates and staff can assist and monitor your bookings with guarantees that you are protected via the  "BOOKSAFE" Insurance umbrella..

8. WORLD WIDE WISDOM© - "Experience our Experience!"Regarded by parts of the Media, travel industry and clients as one of our most impressive WEB sections, this section is a composite of our own intelligence, expertise along with those gathered from clients, Government and industry partners. It is an excellent guide of what to be aware of, what not to do, what to do and how best to travel with at any time. Interesting and very unique. We seem to get much Media referencing of this section.

9.       Redeem2go©REDEEM2GO is our exclusive service of managing your Frequent Flyer points. We “deconfuse the confusion”..This service of Axis Travel manages, advises and books your Frequent Flyer seats/rooms.. Information is updated weekly from Australia and Worldwide . We use our daily expertise to deliver the very best Frequent Flyer airline tickets, hotels and car rental bookings using your Points. We can transfer points from your held Credit/charge cards to the relevant supplier and also extend to you the best advice, route and bonus offers, reduced point schemes . We complete the entire Frequent Flyer transactions up to and including the verification that tickets requested are issued correctly and link these with any Hotel, Car, Cruise, Tour or other travel bookings that need to be added. Nominal service fees apply.

 Extra Services we offer. 




Whatever services we offer ONLINE via our Website, we also offer OFFLINE via our bricks and mortar office via personal visitation, telephone, fax or email.




Anyone can book a cheap airline ticket – but having access to the best overall deal whilst interpreting conditions and using industry expertise and contacts is the better way to go.

Bargain-based fares are released by airlines and hoteliers on a regular basis but can become very confusing and are often highly conditional. We are here to assist you-all the way.





The “Personal Profile” procedure




Do you need to achieve a balance between cost savings and traveller convenience?

Our “Personal Profile” form details all your needs and requirements. Once we have this dats, that is what we rely upon to ensure that personal preferences and card details are adhered to.

This travel procedures policy can provide a valuable guide to cover important issues that may need to be resolved while you are travelling.


•    To whom are your staff required to submit travel authorisation forms?

•    What is your policy regarding spouse/companion travel?

•    What are your frequent flyer and credit/card details?

•    What are your company’s emergency, en route changes procedures?

•    What are your after-hours travel service instructions?

•    •      What procedures are to be taken if a hire car accident occurs?

•    Are there executive privileges?

•    •      Required use of corporate credit cards? Who can use what card?

We adapt your designated travel policy tailored to suit your needs therefore assisting with the efficient management of your entire travel portfolio. Axis Travel staff are stringent in abiding by your company's pre-set limits, standards, classes and routes that you ask us to monitor.

This can lead to real cost savings.

We recommend that the most “regular” travelers complete this form, whereas the “one-off” Travelers that YOUR COMPANY wish us to attend to need not do so




 Are You Adequately Insured?




You would be amazed at how many companies still rely on an extension of their general company insurance policies to cover their staff and themselves for the many risks associated with travel.

You may wish to consider an annual travel insurance policy for your most regular domestic and international travellers. We not only recommend these policies, we assist with and monitor claims to ensure that best insurance protection is there to adequately protect our client and their interests. The recent Iraq War, Bali drama(s), the SARS outbreak and airline collapses are good reminders of how important is a good travel insurance policy.

However, the cost of a policy is totally negated if conditions are not there to protect the traveller. Most companies are not fully aware of what and how much these “extensions” actually cover... until a claim is made!



Please contact us if you require the less-expensive ANNUAL TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY for your Business and regular travellers. Most full year Policies can be issued from $490 per year – allowing huge savings from having us issue Individual Policies.QBE and COVERMORE-VERO Travel Insurance now offers FREE Qantas Frequent Flyer points when we issue your Travel Insurance Policy if the person travelling is a Qantas Frequent Flyer.








A free way to get extra points.









Here’s a typical scenario to think about…






An employee of your company becomes ill or is involved in a car accident during an overseas business trip. There is considerable doubt about the doctors and the medical care available to them at their location. 








What are the repercussions and liability that would fall back to your company if you have inadequate cover, let alone the loss of your key personnel if the medical assistance they received was defective and consequently resulted in further complications?








What about issues such as cash in hospital, wrongful arrest, missed flight connections, personal liability, kidnap & ransom, hijack and replacing ill executives? Something as simple as lost or damaged luggage belonging to staff travelling for your business can become very complicated if their property and/or samples could not be replaced in time or adequately covered due to insufficient company travel insurance.






Could it happen to you or your staff? Are the countries you travel to safe? Check the items mentioned in your current insurance policy. Are you aware of the limitations associated with certain claims?

Axis Travel Centre has examined a number of travel insurance company policies and we feel the saying “You only get what you pay for” is absolutely true! From our own experience we know that only specialised travel insurers can provide the best possible cover as far as your business or personal travel is concerned. We have both the  AMEX/TRAVELSCENE and the QBE Travel linkage via our WEB site for you to issue ONLINE or you may contact us direct to have issued.




 Key Performance Indicators












We are basing all return confirmations on a two-hour response time.

EMAILS: Within two hours from email receipt.

For an efficient and speedy service, we encourage the use of email communications. They will be able to instantly retrieve via email sent by our office or via our web   "Virtually There" option.

PHONE CALLS: Immediate or return call to book flights within two hours.

These are based on three provisos:

1. We must have a traveller's profile (name/frequent flyer numbers and preferences) already on file when the request is made.

2. We must have a current “Signature on File” Account.

3.  We must be able to secure air seats/fares/carrier on the data initially given. If it entails us talking with you to get the corrected/adjusted details, then it will obviously take longer

We are very aware of the limited “Instant Purchase” domestic seats that are available for a short period only, we will book seats as soon as practical or in most cases depending on availability, we can book these seats on-the-spot while you are waiting on phone.

You can either research, compare and book ONLINE or have our staff perform the travel booking(s) but we will decipher and explain airfare and other Travel component conditions to you BEFORE issuing any component. Some Internet airfares levy a Ticket Issue fee if Agency staff become involved (see individual Airline/Agency policies). We will advise you exact fares and conditions on each occasion- before you commit.









It is preferred that all flight requests are confirmed (via fax or email) by the corporate booking clerk or traveller prior to ticket issue. This is to ensure that all the booking details are booked and confirmed as requested and that airfare conditions and restrictions are understood. This is particularly being enforced by all airlines worldwide to ensure that not only fees & charges are kept to a minimum but also security, name change issues etc do not impact on the clients unnecessarily.

Our protocols enabling auto-emailing and/or a special fax stamp and reminders are already in place to ensure that the corporate booking clerk and all travellers follow this simple OK procedure. You have a choice-let us know what suits YOUR COMPANY best.



These are much more complex, but our key performance indicators are:

•    SIMPLE POINT-TO-POINT: Respond within four hours -- but we must be same day with options given if that is within a travellers' profile.

•    COMPLEX ITINERARY: Respond within 24 hours with minimum of 2 options or 36 hours if more variations are required. International hotels/cars can add further complexities but we have instigated internal “Quotation/Booking Reports” that default to Axis Travel staff if our responses are not made back to our clients within 24 hours.

 Let us get started!