When you click below, we will receive your preferred card data via a secured web encrypted link. The process is automated via a series of web-security protocols.
Unlike other sites, we will advise you of EXACT Credit card fees applicable to any charges made BEFORE you agree, say YES.
Visa and Mastercard fees are only 1.8%, AMEX card is 2.2%. We do not accept Diners or other cards.
If your card is declined it may affect your travel arrangements and cause cancellations, so please be sure of the availability of funds and your correct data is inputted. If we are advised of a declined card  we will do our best to advise you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to be sure. THANKYOU.
REMEMBER : When you book travel via Axis Travel Centre , your Credit, Charge and Debit card monies* paid to us are all protected via our exclusive  SECURITY UMBRELLA© * protection package in case of an Airline, Cruise line, Tour Company, Supplier or Agency financial default. This protection is provided FREE by us and the entire package inclusions are unique to valued clients of our Agency . As as July 18th 2018, we are unaware of any other Airline or Supplier or Agency who provides such protections. Reduce your exposure. Reduce your risks. Stay with us-longhaul!