Specific Hints are here to let you know of vital health warnings and world trouble spots, that usually apply now and should be considered by you prior to you committing yourself.

As a courtesy to us, we would appreciate you using these hints or at least considering them with acknowledgement to us as being the source!  

Max Najar Axis Travel ACCC submission against Qantas and Emirates 2023 

PET travel hates. Part 1 -Things that annoy us….

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TRAVEL INSURANCES ARE NOT THE SAME.  The COVID19 test proved how many policies issued were not good at all in protecting clients or assisting in refunds etc.

The Policies we issued DID PROTECT and allow payments back to our COVID19 affected clients. In Australia there are many Travel Insurances (especially the Free Credit Card ones and advertised on TV/Radio) that fall below what we recommend as protection. How about ZERO Payout if an Airline or Supplier goes broke, or no payout if over 70 years, or no payout if COVID19 claims are involved , or ZERO payouts in most professional or similar sports activities result in an accident or no payout for car rental damage, loss of work income etc.  Get Axis Travel to disclose and assist you with a good Policy that we are accredited and licensed to issue. It is useless to make a claim if a claim is not allowed ! And also a bit late “after the event”.

A QUOTE IS NOT A BOOKING ! Do not be tricked….
Comments It is very easy to get a Travel quote for an airfare, Cruise, Hotel, Tour etc etc. This is easy.

The hardest part in times of busy travel is to have a quote transform itself into an actual booking that is held as “confirmed” status at the price (with taxes/exchnage rates etc) that is quoted. Please remember that many companies , airlines and marketing ploys can easily quote a price just to get your attention or have you commit for a different product or price later. Axis Travel staff are trained not to facilitate this concept but advise you honestly of availability and accept a Deposit to “hold” a booking for a limited time span to allow you to confirm. We use a simple “Flexi-Deposit” protocol that allows you to transfer Deposit monies and pre-Set travel choice parameters when you book with us.

Advice Ask our staff about our “Flexi-Deposit” protocol that clients have used with us for over 40 years.
Comments WE can get most tourist visa to USA  but Many travellers, Travel Agencies and Airlines may be unaware that an Australian or NZ Passport holder cannot enter USA if they carry a Court conviction , until they fly into Melbourne for an appointment with USA Consulate/Embassy .This applies mainly to males and the onus is on each Traveller to admit or verify that they do indeed hold such a conviction. The Travel Agent or Airline can ask the question-but it is up to each traveller to own up. After an interview in Melbourne, the US Consulate will determine eligibility to enter the USA. We recommend (if you do carry a conviction-such as Driving Under Influence etc) to organise your Visa before you commit monies on Travel..
Advice Consulates own computers and check FaceBook, Twitter etc entries so be honest with them ! Check website of USA or any other country-or have us advise you.
Comments Many clients pay money to unlicensed and un-real web sites. Monies paid via Cr Card or cash to an account. These sites had nice logos of Qantas and similar but were not legitimate.
Advice TRUST bricks and mortar-as we have our building and ensure they are licensed and accredited and linked-as we are. Your money. Our advice.
Comments Some Airports are so long to walk (say DUBAI @ 800 metres) that you MUST have 2 hours transit time if you arrive/depart when 100 other Jumbos arrive !
Advice Get us to advise you-as we would anyway!- of the best MCT (Minimum Connecting Time) to suit your connections. Also we will be alerted in most cases if a Scurity clampdown exists at Airports to let you know.
Comments A Tourist Visa to enter USA for Aust and NZ Passport holders is just that-for TOURISM. If you travel for Business, a Musician, a Journo or have a conviction or disease etc you will need a special VISA or maybe get no entry.
Advice Get us to advise you-as we would anyway!- as a VISA is given via arriving Airline or Train etc as an “invitation” only and not a guarantee of entry. US Authorities reserve absolute discretion to allow or deny entry.
Comments The Health of an individual can now determine if you can gain entry EVEN WITH A VISA FREE condition- into USA. We will advise you of these Health restrictions when you enquire/book.They are changing weekly-so we cannot be sure until we are told.
Advice Check out WEB SITE “Useful Links” section -DEFEAT link please.
Comments TAXI DRIVERS are saying “..no problem.You pay me what you want when we get there …”
Advice THis CON will embarrass you as they usually lock Car doors and boots and get quite angry if you undervalue/underpay their fares. YOU MUST NEGOTIATE A FARE before you arrive-or get it metered.
Comments Some Travel insurance Policies DO NOT protect you against a Rental car excess. This is imperative. Please use our Policy via QBE onsite (issued immediately) as they DO protect Car excesses up to $5000.
Advice Check out WEB SITE “QBE” section. Very self explanatory-in plain english.
South Australian GOVERNMENT warns that illegal pseudo-QANTAS sites are a CON !
Comments Some WEB sites promoted cheap airfares on Qantas. They where not authorised sites and many lost $$. Be very, very aware of this strategy that applies to many reputable suppliers. The Axis site is (of course) bonafide, licensed, authorised and registered.We also have our own Bricks and Mortar! Book with us.
Advice Check out our licensed WEB SITE for Domestic Australia and international bookings, fully secured and accredited.
Comments Keep these in cabin bag or on you personally if needed. If they are placed in baggage and that goes astray and you might get sick or die. Now that would not be nice PLUS such medicines may also be hard/impossible to get in Tibet!
Advice Keep in all original packaging with a Doctors letter if you are taking more than 3 packages.
Comments The best deals are available in a land called Australia as the dollar is so good here. Second is USA and third is HONG KONG.(esp for choice)
Advice Tell us what you want to buy and we will get you the best info before you go.
Comments Aust and NZ Passports must have at least 6 mths life in them when enterring another country. Please ensure this or get us to assist you.
Advice Keep photocopy on you when travelling and leave a copy at Home and with us.
Comments Please note some Travel to Jakarta can be postponed or cancelled on most Airlines and Hotels with Tour Companies will allow full refunds-some less a minor fee- for all affected travellers. THIS DOES NOT APPLY to Bali Bookings or mostly to those travellers who booked via the Internet direct or used unlicensed Agents/websites. http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/
Advice ALWAYS use Axis Travel to co-ordinate your important Travel. One contact-One human can alleviate the hassles of cancelling,postponing and advising you where a Computer (which you are looking at now!) cannot do this. It is times like this that service, advice and human one-to-one contact defies monetary (if that exists anyway) differentials.
Comments This is not fiction. Asian and South American gangs are asking (usually females) to smell perfume when shopping but normally in crowded places or carparks to “see if you like to purchase”. The scent is powerful, the traveller faints and is either robbed or worse.
Advice Please smell only from shopping complexes or crowded areas when travelling with friends or not at all. This can be extremely dangerous-especially for single persons. Females are usually the victims but males have also been caught out. Another Axis Travel scoop.
Comments So often we get stories-and cannot assist-travellers who pay for a Rental Car overseas that WE HAVE NOT PREBOOKED/PREPAID ON THEIR BEHALF – usually and they are billed for excess, unusual addon charges, insurance payouts, damage to vehicles after return that they were not aware of, second driver fees, Airport levies , ridiculous Petrol fillup costs etc. ONCE YOU SIGN OFF THE RENTAL CONTRACT-you can be literally liable for all of the above if not more.
Advice Prebook and prepay Rentals via Axis Travel. We have been booking vehicles for over 33 years and know in each Country which is the best , licensed, reliable and trustworthy Company to do business with. We suggest to prepay or at least prebook with us so we can ensure you get what you pay for, we add our License number and credentials to the booking and we assist in any disputes. WE only use the best Companies and will not reduce our standards to deliver a low price that can cost you thousands of dollars plus amazing legal fees and time ulcers. Our reduced Corporate rates are extended as well. A recent non-reversible claim was $3,000 damage excess that the traveller had to pay in full as the cost of instigating Lawyers interpreting International laws and proving no-negligence was a no-go. You have been warned. (There are any unscrupulous Car rental companies out there !).
Comments Booking travel on most-if not all-websites is not the same .! Airline and Hotel websites only offer and sell THEIR PRODUCT. Our site is a true unbiased portal site and we give you the entire worldwide CHOICE under our one accredited, licensed and encrypted site-at no extra cost! WE WORK FOR OUR CLIENTS-NOT THE SUPPLIERS !
Advice There are NO booking forms and NO hassles and the all ONLINE bookings carry NO SERVICE or BOOKING FEES. What you see is what you get. Our site is totally unbiased allowing you to choose from any Airline any Hotel, any car rental company plus Travel Insurance, Cruises and Tours. Each and every booking made ONLINE or even OFFLINE (direct with our Agency) gives you a chance to win. So, NOT ALL WEBSITES are the same !
Comments Buy a CD Writer texta, as they do not smudge and write on plastics. Use this to place your room number onto a Hotel Card key and also on baggage tags. Baggage tags on suitcases go into heavy weather condition cubicles with wet and moisture. These textas are great.
Advice Only negative is that once you place your Room number on the card-and it is lost, it may alert robbers. Many Hotels are issuing Room Cards without that Hotels’ logo and name. This is good
Comments .
Advice .
BAGGAGE security
Comments There has been much commentary lately about Baggage security. Axis Travel suggests that ALL baggage is locked and secured as best you can to make it harder to cut into or open. SEE OUR “HOT SPECIALS:” section for a debrief and PHOTO of a suitcase locking procedure that we suggest you use. WE suggest a Hard case, with 3 locks (One Combo and 2 keyed), an exterior Strap with metal brace locks, labels with Work address or other address with occupants present whilst you are away, wheels and removal of any old Hotel or Airline tags.
Advice WE suggest a Hard case, with 3 locks (One Combo and 2 keyed), an exterior Strap with metal brace locks, labels with Work address or other address with occupants present whilst you are away, wheels and removal of any old Hotel or Airline tags.
Comments We live in a big world full of small minds. Protect your lives and remain in contact with those you love and admire by following these 10 easy steps. Axis Travel Centre extends FREE Worldwide Customer Care services at over 1,700 Travel Agencies in over 130 countries. Ask our staff when booking. REMEMBER that your travel experience must be based on Agency experience, expertise, advice and integrity-not just a price.
Advice Top 10 Travel Tips for Australian passport holders: Check the latest travel advice for your destination and subscribe to receive instant e-mail notification each time the travel advice for your destination is updated. Take out appropriate Axis Travel recommended (at least!) travel insurance to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation and any activities, including adventure sports, in which you plan to participate. Before travelling overseas register your details online or, when overseas, register in-person at any Australian embassy, high commission or consulate. Check to see if you require visas for the country or countries you are visiting or transiting. Be aware that a visa does not guarantee entry. Make copies of your passport details, insurance policy, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Carry one copy in a separate place to the originals and leave a copy with someone at home. Check with health professionals for information on recommended vaccinations or other precautions and find out about overseas laws on travelling with medicines. Make sure your passport has at least six months validity and carry additional copies of your passport photo with you in case you need a replacement passport while overseas. Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with someone at home and keep in regular contact with friends and relatives while overseas. Before departing Australia check whether you are regarded as a national of the country you intend to visit. Research whether holding dual nationality has any implications for your travel. Obey the law. Consular assistance cannot override local laws, even where local laws appear harsh or unjust by Australian standards. Get AXis Travel to explain the free WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER CARE SERVICES to you extended via our AMEX linkages.
Comments As the Media is noticing, from a simple Domestic Travel booking to an elongated International Cruise or Holiday Booking, if you book online, direct or via an unregistered source-you are definitely on your own to : Adjust, amend, cancel, exchange, update, speak to a qualified human or vary in any way. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents are also joining Media reports and confirming that you need to trust a licensed and accredited Travel Agent if you want security, legal protection and assistance. Axis Travel has been there since 1978.
Advice Think beyond the square. Be backed by a human contact, expertise and experience of AXIS TRAVEL before you comit monies. Search all forms of media and Internet but commit important Travel arrangements and your monies to AXIS to get AFTA, TCF, IATA, Consumer Affairs and AMEX backup. It is not much good THINKING That you have saved monies if you have not and have nowhere to go is changes or problems occur.
Comments Wallets can be stolen from ANY pocket. A small razorblade slash or quick fingers can do this trick.
Advice Buy a chained Wallet or do your own-attach to waist area or belt hook or leg..
Comments It is still happening! Do not be jolly and smart when answering questions on arrival in a foreign country or even returning to your home base. Answers like” only a bomb in my bag” or ” some dope..” have been said already A long prison term, Fine or deportation have resulted.
Advice Be civil. Be intelligent. Use empathy.
Comments A free service on this WEB SITE to allow you to check your Travel Flights from any point worldwide-via laptop,Hotel room, Internet Cafe, Airport lounge etc.
Advice Essential to get your updated flight changes or whatever -in “real time” We will give you a simple PIN booking number that will give you access each time you book. No need to phone home, wait on hold in a foreign city or language barriers. Do it yourself-FREE.
Correct Travel Insurance is critical-Do Not get fooled!
Comments AXIS TRAVEL Staff are accredited and our Company is authorised to advise and assist you with issuance of Travel Industry relevant Travel Insurance protection. DO NOT BE FOOLED by empty Insurance Policies or those that are “free” or “cheap” attached to Credit and Charge Cards/Banks. This article explains some of the pitfalls. Get AXIS TRAVEL to assist you in Travel Insurance policies or you can read the FULL CONDITIONS BEFORE COMMITTING via this website ONLINE. You may issue Insurance by yourself online (saving 15% via QBE) or have us issue on your behalf. QBE Policies also give you Free QANTAS points or you are welcome to compare with Travelscence/Amex Policy also on our website here. We not only offer you the choice to choose but also the choice to issue ONLINE or have our staff to do so for you OFFLINE.
Advice You may issue Insurance by yourself online (saving 15% via QBE) or have us issue on your behalf. QBE Policies also give you Free QANTAS points or you are welcome to compare with Travelscence/Amex Policy also on our website here. We not only offer you the choice to choose but also the choice to issue ONLINE or have our staff to do so for you OFFLINE.
Comments Warnings are on our web site linkage : PLease be careful when frequenting Bars and cafes. Report anyone suspicious. Go to open spaced, cleared areas if unsure.
Advice Check out WEB SITE “Useful Links” section -DEFAT link please.
Comments Larger buses are becoming targets more so than smaller cars or buses. This is NOT a remedy to the suicide bombings but you may wish to consider this aspect when travelling.
Advice Always check with us or via this WEBSITE for updates, via “Useful Links-DEFAT”
Comments In Asia , it is still common for a western or asian tourist (maybe not!) who could even be drop-dead gorgeous to ask you to hold or touch their bag or parcel whilst they go to the toilet etc. DO NOT DO SO.
Advice These may contain drugs or ammunition or papers that may implicate you to the source. Touch and carry nothing that you are not aware of. These things still take place in airports, Train stations and Hotel foyers.
Comments  As with all AIRLINES-they and you are NOT protected by the TCF (Travel Compensation Fund) in Australia and monies are not refundable. Axis Travel is a member of the TCF and also AFTA, IATA , AMEX – holding the higheset accreditations available. Any clients who booked a Package with us are totally protected in most cases. Travel Insurance DID NOT COVER Air Paradise claims neither.
Advice Trust Axis Travel. Look at our history. Verify our credentials. Expect absolute dedication by us in delivering professional travel services, backed by financial and ethical security. If you want less than this-please seek Travel services elsewhere as we prefer to dedicate our expertise, time, accreditations and staff to clients who want quality, security, service and a human touch.
Comments Customer was referred to us about a problem when they booked three Asian Hotels via INTERNET by themselves as it saved them 5-6% from booking same Hotel via a Travel Agency. PROBLEM is that HOTELS have amended exchange rates 3 times in 2 months and new costs in AUD$ now 11% more than most Travel Agency rates. Client has already deposited and will lose $$ if he cancels. Silly move by customer. (Not a client of Axis Travel-but a customer of another Agency referred to us to try and assist him)
Advice BOOK Travel via a licensed and registered Travel Agency that i Australia are protected by TCF (Travel Compensation Fund) and AFTA and IATA and has the bricks and mortar and reputation at stake. AXIS TRAVEL deals with rates and Hotels and OPerators that “lock in” exchange rates with a small %% variation to ensure changes do not occur much. This person will eventually be out of pocket not only financially, but lost time and the risk of dealing with a non-Australian Operator/Hotel/Website.
Comments . There is NO COLLECTION FEE or paperwork. Just provide Photo ID and collect your foreign monies. Do not forget that AMEX Travellers Cheques are the worlds’ most popular and provide their 24 hour moneybaclk guarantee- see details online. A world first. Use it now! Tell your friends and family and work colleagues.
Advice Go to our section on this site called FOREIGN EXCHANGE. An absolutely unique and efficient service-endorsed by Axis Travel and American Express Foreign Exchange services.
Comments Flights that are delayed for specific reasons now need to compensate you via meals, transfers, hotels or place you aboard another suitable flight or free tickets are issued. Check with Airlines. NOT APPLICABLE to some charter Airlines or inlicensed flights.
Advice Get Axis Travel to advise you best and also check if you are delayed by more than 5 hrs in UK and Europe. If meeting an important deadline-sometimes it pays you to get us to book a scheduled, licensed flight and not a Charter one.
Comments For speed, efficiency, security, personal touch, human rapport and delivery of travel-the Telephone beats any Computer system or software program.! Although AXIS TRAVEL operate on state-of-the art software and high-end hardware-our clients have agreed that a quick phone call to our staff still cannot be beat! We know the needs, a client can say a few sentences in under 20 seconds that will allow us to book their needs, guarantee secured interface with their profile and payment method, respond to them via phonecall-email or fax and confirm an entire booking in less time than it takes to power-up any laptop, computer or PDA. You cannot beat the human touch!
Advice Think twice between the media blitz or Computers being the saviour of booking Travel. Pick up the phone when the need arises and trust a professional!

Please consider these as ideas , hints and advice and check all details with our staff for expanded comments or further advice.

Without question and without doubt- Advice given by our staff and hints on how to travel the world better can not only save you money, hassles and heartaches but can very easily save your life or the lives that you love.